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Props to You | Loyalty


Props to you

The future of UX and UI will inevitably rely on tokenized platforms. Users will mostly gravitate towards the rewarding platforms like this one. You know part of the reason you signed up is the interest in the rewards. These rewards don't necessarily mean money love but the sense of rewards contributes to our happiness. Subconsciously getting rewarded gives us the impression that we did well and ought to continue doing well for more rewards. Hopefully it won't develop into an addiction but sure it's better to be addicted to crypto than anything else,you know!


Since 2017 this loyalty token solution  is an innovative approach to consumer apps rewarding users for value added or provided from social influence to e-commerce. In order to keep them coming back of course. They recently got integrated into the KuCoin exchange one reason being their low transaction fees and incentives. 




With a user base of over 6 million and growing, it's no wonder investors and all involved have reported almost immediate revenue and use engagement growth.


Previewing their site you find that they have been well received and have a close community that supports the Props innovative solutions. There's reviews by Jake Brukhman CoinFund CEO and Founder is amongst the reviewers. Jason Katz, Paltalk CEO on why he partnered up with props.




The props innovative solutions are observed from use by apps like , Xsplit, younow,paltak, and listia amongst others.


Further benefits of the loyalty token on App owners are


Design and brand your own loyalty programs to incentivise user engagement.


Supercharge your app at zero cost and earn tokens to share with users.


Use simple APIs, no change to apps business model or setup.


Issue SEC qualified App Tokens for your users. 


App users can buy sell and later stake the Prop token on Okex, KuCoin, and starting the 27th January 2021.

On Okex users can gain $50 for signing up more info and participating in various projects on KuCoin and



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