El Salvador Is In Anothe Long Position On Bitcoin



This couldn't be a more better time for El Salvador to buy the dip again. After buying their first deep at 42K and hopefully sold before this dip. Haha. I mean it's amazing that they bought this dip again at 43K. In the last 13 hours the price had surged above 44K, later came plugging down to 43K. 

With the predictions of BTC hitting the 100K mark this year end, I truly think that these dips are worth buying. El Salvador is doing such a great job at proving that crypto is indeed worth it in every bit. Those that don't think so, they need to keep looking closer. We get to inspire them so that's absolutely amazing. With many of these platforms popping up all over the place, we are surely causing more dents in the universe by the day. We are phenomenal! 

We will keep growing and getting much bigger than we are now. At the 100K price cap, we'll be too explosive. Predictions also have it that by 2026 we'll have hit the 500K mark and the 7 figure price by 2030. Really cool trajectory. Now that we are buying crypto all over the board, and living crypto, it's all bount to get better. More transparency through the Blockchains of no corruption. We are obviously hoping that more countries and states would recognise crypto as an asset and legal tender (and probably recognise weed as medicine, just saying Bob called it!)


Let's keep trading our way up. And hodling our way up. And buying our way up, ok that last one is a bit off. 


Check this out.


Bless up!



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Wired For Greatness | Educated For Greed

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