From The Sweep Of WeChat And Alipay, The Future Block Chain Finance?

The assets, and currencies issued based on the blockchain have many advantages. They are open, transparent, borderless, and completely based on the free operation of codes. In this financial system, the efficiency is higher, the cost is lower, the transaction varieties are more, and the liquidity is higher, and investors all over the world are on them. Through this new financial system, it can also link up the traditional financial assets, and the traditional financial assets will also put on the new clothes of blockchain.

On that day, our currencies and assets are issued based on the blockchain and are managed by smart contracts. Our currencies can be used, all over the world. Our currencies can purchase assets directly without complicated procedures. Different assets can be directly converted. Maybe stocks can also be directly converted into funds. Funds can be directly converted into bonds and different assets The gap between production may be cleared, and all operations may be done by mobile phone scanning, just like today's WeChat and Alipay's sweeping payment.


Before, if you were asked to explain the mobile Internet to others, you might not be able to explain it clearly in 1000 words. But as long as you scan shopping, or transfer money with your mobile phone, scan, and log in to the app with your mobile phone, he will immediately understand that, oh, the original mobile Internet is like this.


Similarly, if we want to explain blockchain to others, we may not be able to explain it clearly in 3000 words. One day, when we can directly use mobile phone scan to realize global payment, transfer, and business all over the world; when we can directly use mobile phone scan to realize direct conversion of different assets, when we can directly use mobile phone scan to achieve extremely efficient transfer between real currency and assets, when we can directly use mobile phone scan to carry out transfer When it comes to accounts, dividends, voting, buyback, destruction and issuance, I believe that ordinary people will really understand what blockchain is.


Maybe this day is when the blockchain really lands and enters thousands of households.

Will the integration of blockchain and payment easily solve the currency problems of different countries? Let's wait and see.

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