A sports community called KEEP helps employees overcome COVID-19!

With the support of network sports platforms such as KEEP company, family sports has become the first choice of more and more family sports. On February 18, 23 enterprises including Dell, HEMA Xiansheng, Minsheng Bank Credit Card Center, Everbright credit card, Chunbo, Anta, Linke, hongbulin and New Oriental joined the Kaiser "health sports Alliance Plan", encouraging employees / users / customers / partners to carry out scientific family sports activities with the support of customized family sports content of keep, so as to ensure the health of the epidemic and Safety.

In this plan, KEEP creates exclusive sports courses and training programs for alliance enterprises, provides scientific and comprehensive sports guidance for employees / users / customers / partners of enterprises, and guarantees everyone's health and safety in special periods. For example, the KEEP content team has customized a family based sports health plan for the enterprise. Through 12 days of professional training and guidance, the intensity is moderate, without any equipment, employees and users can be strong at home. At the same time, KEEP also provides training courses, sports sharing, shopping mall welfare, etc. for the employees of the alliance enterprises.



Keep more people healthy and take the initiative to prevent the epidemic during the epidemic. It is a typical public welfare means to undertake corporate social responsibility in combination with corporate capacity, and also a b2b2b2c marketing means disguised as C. It is conservatively estimated that 23 enterprises participating in keep's "Guardian health sports Alliance Plan" will have more than 30 million employees / users / customers / partners, and keep users have broken this circle.

Caring for the physical and mental health of employees is the embodiment of corporate social responsibility. It is not enough to issue masks, prepare hand sanitizers / disinfectants and measure the temperature of employees according to the requirements of relevant departments. Through the action of "health protection movement Alliance Plan", the enterprise enhances the soft power of employees without significant cost increase, and urges employees to take active actions to keep healthy during the epidemic. In this way, employees benefit, enterprises benefit and everyone benefits.

From one example to another, the "soft power" support of enterprises to employees in the popular period is not only sports health support. For example, if the psychological pressure of employees is great, can enterprises launch mental health consulting services? For example, many employees have families. During the epidemic period, families often have children's education problems. Many parents face many challenges in taking their children home. Can enterprises introduce some quality education, especially for parents, to meet such challenges? For example, many departments are not too busy with their employees. Can they implement what they often call "building learning organizations"? Many enterprises usually say that they need to give employees more than 20% time to study, think and explore. However, 996 often makes employees work hard. I think it's a good opportunity during the fashion period.


Here is the introduction of the KEEP community:

KEEP is a young team who loves sports and a group of geeks who pursue extreme experience. We focus on the application development of mobile sports, advocate the spirit of open sharing, do not imitate, do not follow the trend, only make cool products.

In this era of our life, the fitness culture is awakening, there should be more professional tools, more pure community, so that a good figure is easier. This is what keep is doing. We hope to make more people love fitness and sports through technology driving.
development history

August 2017: KEEP users exceeded 100000000
October 2016: KEEPusers exceeded 60000000
August 2016: complete Tencent C + round of strategic investment
March 2016: completed the US $32 million round C financing led by Morningside (Chenxing capital) and GGV (Jiyuan capital), followed by Bai (Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund)
March 2016: KEEP is pre installed in Apple retail store in Greater China
January 2016: selected application of 2015 by app store
November 2015: KEEP users exceeded 10000000
July 2015: obtained 10 million USD round B financing led by GGV (Jiyuan capital), with Bai (Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund) and VenTECH (Yintai capital) Co investing
April 2015: KEEP Android launched
March 2015: received $5 million a round financing from VenTECH (Yintai capital) and Bai (Bertelsmann)
February 2015: KEEP landed in the app store and won the first few days of the list
November 2014: RMB 3 million angel financing completed
October 2014: KEEP team established






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