🤩“Joking Talk” About Blockchain | First Lecture : What Is Blockchain❓
What Is Blockchain

🤩“Joking Talk” About Blockchain | First Lecture : What Is Blockchain❓

Blockchain has become the hottest outlet in the world, and all walks of life have begun to march towards blockchain industry. With the release of blockchain product Libra by global social giant Facebook, Chinese Internet giants Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent are also eager to try and wait for the compliance of policies. It can be said that blockchain is one of the most potential concepts at present, and even has the opportunity to subvert Internet giants such as Google, Amazon, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, etc. But when it comes to "what is the blockchain in the end", it seems to most people that they are still far away from us. So let's talk about today, what is blockchain?


In fact, blockchain is a part of the Internet. To understand blockchain, we need to start from the Internet. The underlying nature of the Internet is the internet protocol. For example, before entering the website, we need to type "HTTPS: / /", in which HTTP is an internet protocol. What is Internet Protocol? It is a data transmission method that sends data from one computer to another through the Internet. At present, the three protocols that maintain the operation of the Internet are hypertext transmission protocol ("HTTP"), transmission control protocol ("TCP") and Internet Protocol ("IP"). Among them, TCP and IP are the underlying protocols, which determine the transmission and decomposition of data. The HTTP protocol is the application level protocol, which determines the identification of the website. Behaviors like shopping, surfing the Internet or watching videos are all based on internet protocol. Without these Internet protocols to maintain the transmission between data and data, these behaviors can only be a piece of paper.


Although blockchain originated from bitcoin, in essence, blockchain is also one of these Internet protocols, but it integrates many new technologies, such as cryptography, distributed storage, smart contract, consensus algorithm, etc., which can be said to be a new data transmission method for innovation of existing Internet protocols.

Its advantage is that it can change the traditional mode of trust endorsement based on the transmission of data. Generally speaking, the participants of the transaction no longer need the intermediary party to guarantee each transaction. They can conduct the transaction without knowing the basic information of the other party.

Taking online shopping as an example, buyers and sellers can complete the transaction through the trust endorsement of the third party of the intermediary (e.g. Amazon); using blockchain technology, they can intervene from the underlying data transmission, and record these data directly without the participation of the third party. These data can be traced and cannot be changed, so as to create a new trust Mode, while improving information security, effectively reduce transaction costs and improve transaction efficiency.


At present, these traditional Internet protocols, with the passage of time, began to slowly reveal some drawbacks. The replacement or upgrade of Internet Protocol in the future is inevitable, and blockchain protocol just meets the needs of this era, and has its unique advantages, so blockchain is the future technology trend. It may even revolutionize the Internet giants based on traditional Internet protocols, such as Google, Amazon, Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent. In the future, the applications on the market will be transferred to the block chain protocol. We need to take the block chain as the basis to complete the online shopping and online ordering. At that time, the blockchain technology will be proud to say "hum! I has the final say in the future!" Let's look forward to it!

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