Where should I stake my Matic?

Finding a legit sites where you can stake your Matic is hard, risky and it will gonna consume a good amount of time. Scammers and bad people are always there to take advantage therefore you must do your due diligence research. In this age of technology where you can earn passive income, you must always be thoughtful.

"When in doubt don't just ask question Do your own due diligence research"

The best way to stake MATIC for hodling maybe around 1-3 years or even higher unless there will be a massive price movement is in Celsius. I've been in Celsius for over a year now and they recently added MATIC. Currently, Matic and SNK are the one's has the highest staking reward in Celsius but if we will gonna compare the current price of the two I will definitely choose MATIC where you can buy more.

This is the current weekly interest for Matic


Celsius started in 2017 and was founded by Alex Mashinsky pioneer of web technologies and also the inventor of VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol.  All messaging applications where you can do a video call are using this protocol that's why I am very bullish about CEL token also Celsius Network now becomes the leading in terms of the crypto loan provider. My strategy not just in celsius but in crypto-space is to diversify what coins am I holding without putting money on it.

I may be wrong about buying this token but I maybe correct staking this coin to earn another coin is hedging against losses

  If you don't have celsius account you can use my referral code 19606373c7 when signing up and earn $20 in BTC or you can copy/open a new tab here. Note a mandatory deposit of $200 or more.


DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor, you should do your own due diligence research 

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Will a Decentralized domain can create a DEx?
Will a Decentralized domain can create a DEx?

Will let see in the upcoming future years if a Decentralized domain can create a Decentralized Exchange.

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