Beautiful Red Bird (Minivet)


The minivets are passerine birds and are found in Asia. They are very beautiful as the male has bright Red and Black color and the female has yellow with grey and black color combination. They are mostly found on top of trees. Because of their bright color, it is very easy to find them. In winter they visit Margalla Hills, Islamabad.





They are mostly found deep into Margalla hills. To see this bird I traveled for one hour drive and found them in the Haripur area of Margalla hills. But when the weather is cold they can even be found in the foothill area of the Margalla hills.






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Zagham Travel
Zagham Travel

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Wildlife of Pakistan
Wildlife of Pakistan

Pakistan includes a total of 786 bird species, of which 39 are rare. The chukar is the official national bird of Pakistan, and the shaheen falcon is the symbolic icon of the Pakistan Air Force. This "Wildlife of Pakistan" blog is mainly the record of my birding experience in different locations of Pakistan mainly in Margalla Hills, Islamabad.

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