RARE: a non-profit and decentralized non-homogeneous token (NFT) digital art market.

By ZT Global | Blockchain views | 21 Oct 2021

RARE is a non-profit and decentralized non-homogeneous token (NFT) digital art market.

RARE (Rare Currency) is a token created by UYI. It is mainly used to manage the ecosystem of the entire platform-from NFT creation and mining to liquidity pools and the use of (Distributed Autonomous Organization referred to as "DAO") mechanism.

Rare coins are part of the Super rare family. Holders of rare coins can enjoy the following privileges:

Develop voting rights for management decisions in the future;

Can have the right to vote in the competition;

Rare currency liquidity mining rewards;

Platform fee sharing.c0ade72618e27212b2549a9d02bad14a215f808e60b4a933202b64b9c114901c.png

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RARE meta-universe concept currency, ranked fourth on Twitter’s NFT popular list. After a long period of consolidation, it entered a tentative offensive last week. After a huge selling pressure, it chose to shrink and consolidate, and it is currently under support. However, the funds did not ship out, but chose to continue to test and sell pressure, indicating that the willingness to pull up is relatively strong, support 2.15, resistance 2.7

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Blockchain views
Blockchain views

According to Viewblock data, the number of transfers on the blockchain storage protocol Arweave continued to hit a new all time high on August 14, reaching 111,764 transactions, a 28% increase from the previous historical high of 87,314 transactions on August 11. A sharp increase of more than 100% compared to the 225,400 on-chain transfers last week, setting a weekly record. Today, AR has the highest increase on ZT exchange which is more than 40%, and the value of AR is still undervalued.

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