Love Donor or Love Owner

By sleepyjey | White Board Thoughts | 17 Aug 2021

If you want happiness in life, never be "Owner of Love. Always be "Donor of Love"


The white board at work gives thoughts that continue to inspire and intrigue me even years after it is written at our workplace. 

I pondered about what the difference between a "Love Owner" and a "Love Donor" could be. The two words were chosen as part of the quote because they rhymed. 

Maybe a Love Owner refers to a more selfish person who keeps all the love to self and never expresses it to anyone else. Maybe the person refuses to share love and just chooses to receive all the love showered on him or her. Maybe it refers to a more parasitic kind of person who sucks all in and never cares about the person who gives. 

Maybe a Love Donor is someone who gives out love and compassion to everyone he or she can shower it on. Maybe this is a person who has a source for the infinite amount of love that needs to be donated. Maybe the person expects nothing in return. Maybe this person sources the love from God, or family, or inner self. 

What would you like to be? Which of these makes a person more happy?

A Love Owner or a Love Donor. 

Share your thoughts as a comment. I'd love to hear your perspective on this whiteboard thought. 

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