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By XTRM™ | Cryptopia | 23 May 2024

Ah the social choice of the masses..., the social media universe where almost every profile picture is a glamorous headshot and every bio is an existential drama or enigma. But today you’re scrolling through your feed, admiring the curated perfection of impossibly beautiful models, when suddenly, a WhatsApp number materialises in a post. This isn’t just any number... it’s the golden ticket to personal interaction with a pixelated deity. But hold your horses, my eager beaver, because behind that tantalising number might lurk a scoundrel as slippery as an eel in a Vaseline factory... being clean. Crypto Scam

Who, what, where and when are the words of any great investigation - Our protagonist is an alleged supermodel who could give Venus a run for her money. She’s got the face, the poise, and oh, the followers - a veritable sea of crypto admirers, most of whom appear to be from Asia, which, let’s be honest, should already have you raising an eyebrow in the real world. She posts.... you drool, and then, out of nowhere, she drops her WhatsApp digits like they’re confetti at a New Year’s Eve party. Who wouldn’t be tempted to shoot a message? It’s not every day you get a direct line to celestial beauty.

And here’s where the plot thickens, my friends. Our supermodel... or so you think, starts replying. But it’s not all champagne and roses. Soon enough, she’s weaving a tale of financial woe - her assets (coff), investments in cryptocurrencies have taken a hit, and she needs your help to get back on her feet. But fret not... she’s got a plan! She invites you into her crypto wonderland, asking you to transfer some Bitcoin to her wallet. You’re a savvy investor, right? You know the drill. And before you know it, you’ve sent your precious crypto into the void, never to be seen again. logo

Let’s pause here for a second... Take a rewind and think again - Why, oh why, would anyone be giving out their WhatsApp number on like they’re handing out free samples at Costco? It’s like putting your hand into a crocodile’s mouth because you think it’s smiling at you... Yet still people fall for it. They really do. Maybe it’s the allure of talking to someone who looks like they’ve been sculpted by Michelangelo himself. Or maybe it’s just sheer curiosity. Either way, you’ve got to wonder about the sanity behind it.

But back to our tale of woe and intrigue. These scammers are clever devils. They don’t just rely on pretty pictures and sob stories. Oh no, they’ve got blue ticks - those coveted verification badges that scream legitimacy. In the land of, a blue tick is the Holy Grail. It’s the social network equivalent of wearing a halo. But even angels can fall, and these blue-ticked devils are no exception. They seem genuine, trustworthy, like they’ve got the seal of approval from the big wigs at But don’t be fooled. The badge isn’t a shield... it’s a bait.

Elephant in the room Dave by Along Tusk 2024

As we always do and perhaps we should name him Dave - let’s address the elephant in the room - the following lists... You’d think a savvy scammer would be more selective about their followers, but no, their lists are chock-full of accounts from Asia. Nothing against our friends in Asia, of course, but when you see an abundance of followers from a specific region, and they all look like bots or click farms, it’s a red flag the size of the Great Wall. It’s as if they’ve held a “Follow Me” festival in a spammy corner of the internet. So, if you’re seeing a suspicious pattern in the follower demographics, it’s time to hit the brakes.

But here’s a heads-up - these nefariousmy dodgy profiles aren’t just out to dupe you with their own posts. They’re lurking in the followers and following lists of legitimate crypto accounts. They nestle in like Trojan horses, waiting for the unsuspecting to stumble upon them. They’re counting on the less savvy folk, those who think they’ve struck gold with a high-profile follower. It’s a classic case of the wolf in sheep’s clothing, only this wolf is after your crypto stash.

Follow Me by Along Tusk 2023

And the followers! Oh, the followers! Sometimes, you wonder if they’ve got a special magnet for the gullible and the naive. These scam accounts have followers who look as clueless as a toddler in a calculus class. They’re the ones who amplify the scammer’s reach, unwittingly lending credibility to the ruse. It’s a tangled web of deceit, and you, my dear reader, are smack bang in the middle of it.

So... what’s a savvy crypto denizen to do? How do you navigate this minefield of deceit and skulduggery? Here’s a tip - start by questioning the legitimacy of any profile that’s too good to be true. If someone’s throwing their WhatsApp number around like confetti, it’s not because they’re eager to be your new BFF. It’s a red flag flapping in the wind, begging for your attention.

And for heaven’s sake, scrutinise those followers and following lists. If they’re littered with dubious profiles from a specific region, especially ones that look like they’ve been generated en masse, steer clear. It’s like walking into a room full of mannequins and expecting a conversation.

Look... I’m not saying every account with a blue tick is a scammer in disguise, but the badge isn’t a guarantee of virtue. It’s like trusting a snake because it’s wearing a tie. Don’t be that person.

And the humor of it all? Seriously now? It is wits about you time... a supermodel, a paragon of beauty and sophistication, typing away on WhatsApp, asking you for crypto. It’s like finding out Donald Trump moonlights as an Uber driver... The absurdity is almost too much to handle. But alas this is the world we live in - a social networking jungle where the predators wear lipstick and designer clothes... but don't own a bean.

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Cryptonauts be wary of, keep your wits about you. Don’t fall for the siren song of WhatsApp numbers and crypto pleas. Stay vigilant, question everything, and for the love of all things holy, don’t send your hard-earned crypto to a stranger on the internet... Always the wise choice.

What do you think the future holds for social media and crypto scams? Are we destined to become wiser, stay stupid, or will the scammers always be one step ahead?

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