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Will Big Search Engines Such As Google or Duck Duck Go Index PublishOx Articles on Page 1?

By XTRM™ | Cryptopia | 4 Jul 2020

I know that this might be a tad bit of a touchy subject around these parts - but a question popped into my mind like a bolt of lightning - next thing I know I am here typing it all out to you... 

Search results... Google... *wink*... 

So... It is like this, just a genuine and honest question, because this is like a past event I experienced - and a bit of intentional prodding a stick to try and change the local Internet narrative - that to be honest is seeing its fair share of censorship and bias these days - and Cryptocurrency is not left out in this respect. However I do feel that PublishOx and the team involved, may have cracked what one big player so to speak, failed epically with around a decade ago.

Yahoo! That big company down the road, had been dabbling with serving target driven, and written content - written by a community of experts and freelancers - and served to the Internet audience via their Online Writers Network named 'Yahoo! Associated Content'.

I was a happy Author at Associated Content for a good few years, I actually earned some very handy rent money from writing there. It was regular income and was without fail paid monthly into my PayPal account.

One day a huge thing happened after several rumors had been starting to bounce around the Internet like wildfire - Google Search changed their algorithm to weed out and delete from search results what Google deemed as spam websites, poor quality websites, and what Google saw as 'Content Mills' that earned vast amounts of money via the Google Adsense Publishers Program. Yahoo! in turn gave a share of revenue from Google Adverts to Associated Content Writers, via Page View association, and content that may have been picked up by Yahoo! partners and link-backs. 

A very short lived war between Google and Yahoo! saw a loser... Yahoo! just flopped against the bigger gun of Google, who walked away with the swagger of drunk laughing cowboy having dumped Yahoo! quite firmly on its backside. 

Within weeks Associated Content had been terminated... Content Writers went off in many directions... Some like me, went off sulking at a local bar. Other set up their own blogs or went to other online content writing work - to be met with a similar fate.

Here I am going to give my opinion as to why this will not happen to PublishOx - the only thing Google and other Search Engines could be slightly bias about would be because they did not like Cryptocurrency, but we know that bit to be untrue because of the many millions of online pages in the Google Search results relating to or dealing with crypto - and appearing at the top.

A huge difference is that Google are not feeding the PublishOx Devs with cash from Google Adsense or the like. The content and overall system is fed by a self-generated fund, from with PublishOx Authors and Members/Readers along with PublishOx benefit from in the form various Cryptocurrency - Dai, Basic Attention Token and Loopring.

It will be interesting to see results via crypto-friendly search engines such as Duck Duck Go incorporated into Brave Brave do... I can see high results being driven back to PublishOx from the likes of Duck Duck Go Search. 

There is nothing stopping PublishOx becoming huge and succeeding where the like of Yahoo! catastrophically flopped - and all based around Cryptocurrency. 

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