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Why Does The Cryptocurrency Community Dislike SEC and Gary Gensler?

By XTRM™ | Cryptopia | 22 Apr 2023

Why Does The Cryptocurrency Community Dislike SEC and Gary Gensler? Oh this could be a movie in itself...

Gary Gensler, the current chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has had a rocky start with the cryptocurrency community. While some have praised his extensive knowledge of the industry, others have criticized his stringent stance on crypto regulation, calling it harmful to innovation and development. He is also formerly of Goldman-Sachs... Oooofff!

Gary Gensler of SEC by Along Tusk

One of the reasons the cryptocurrency community dislikes Gensler is his track record on regulation. During his tenure as the chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) during the Obama administration, Gensler earned a reputation as a strict enforcer of financial regulation. While this attitude garnered him praise within the legal community, the cryptocurrency community views it as an attempt to stifle innovation in what is still a nascent industry... yes nascent.

"highly speculative"

Some of Gensler's remarks at a recent conference on blockchain technology have caused concern among crypto enthusiasts. In his speech, Gensler expressed concern about the potential risks that cryptocurrencies pose to investors, calling them "highly speculative" and emphasizing the need for regulation. While some agree with Gensler's views on investor protection, others see his comments as overly harsh, failing to distinguish between the risks of different types of cryptocurrencies.

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The SEC under Gensler's leadership has also ramped up efforts to police the cryptocurrency industry. The SEC has filed several lawsuits against high-profile firms, alleging that they have violated securities laws through their offerings of cryptocurrency-related products. While some of these lawsuits have been successful, others have led to backlash from the cryptocurrency community, who view them as overreach and an attempt to exert control over a decentralized industry.

In my opinion, other's also... Gensler's appointment has brought up concerns about potential conflicts of interest. Before joining the SEC, Gensler taught courses on blockchain technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and has been given large amounts of money in the form of cryptocurrencies. While Gensler has stated that he will recuse himself from any matters related to his digital currency holdings or his previous positions, these potential conflicts have still led to skepticism within the crypto community.

Who me? Gary Gensler of SEC by Along Tusk

We could speculate, and also find, the cryptocurrency community's dislike of Gary Gensler is rooted in his strict regulatory stance and his approach to enforcing securities laws. While some agree with his emphasis on investor protection, others view it as an attempt to stifle innovation and growth in a nascent industry.

It just could be... that concerns over conflicts of interest have only added to the distrust. While it remains to be seen how Gensler will approach crypto regulation during his tenure as SEC chairman, his early actions have not been met with enthusiasm from the cryptocurrency community... not at all... nope!

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