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What the Forking? Litecoin Cash LCC is a Potential Gem

By XTRM™ | Cryptopia | 10 Oct 2020

I started Cryptocurrency Mining at the birth of the big one Bitcoin (BTC) - I got bored of this very quickly at the time as Satoshi was pretty much the joke of Geeks around the globe - oh boy just like the many others, I really wish I had stayed the course as my life would be very different these days (I wish I still had the old PC with all the details sat on its hard drive but it is in landfill in Oregon somewhere) - a similar thing in respect to some of the hard forks and Altcoins that have gathered pace over the years... In particular Litecoin (LTC).

In rare cases when a Crypto Blockchain decides for whatever reason to go for a full on Fork, and split away from the parent Cryptocurrency - as we have seen happen so many times with Bitcoin alone - a true little gem can be sporned, almost giving crypto enthusiasts a second chance at a kick at goal... I am kind of chomping at the bit like crazy over several recent Forks in the 'Cash' genre. One being birthed on 18th of February 2020 being Litecoin Cash (LCC).

On occasion Mining Pools will update lists of Algorithms and Tokens - this is a great way to find out about a few new tokens that could potentially go into Supernova Mode. So when I saw the rather kind green colour of the Litecoin Cash logo appear in the list of mining candidates - I was sucked in... I will admit at quite some speed - I was mining the LCC coin within seconds. Within minutes I was finding my first blocks.

Litecoin Cash Logo

Litecoin Cash is quite an interesting Fork, and not centered around reasons for Forking being a congested network or the like - you need to be checking out the Litecoin Cash Website to really get stuck into what us an amazing project.

Litecoin Cash is easily mined traditionally or by the developers little baby Hive - a genius bit of kit which enables mining the Token without the need for any special equipment, just an Internet connection and a Core Wallet.

Find out more about Litecoin Cash via their website.


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