Urgent - FaucetPay Hacked Lost $600,000 - Stop Using Deposit Addresses

Urgent - FaucetPay Hacked Lost $600,000 - Stop Using Deposit Addresses

By XTRM | Cryptopia | 15 Mar 2021

A security notification has been announced on Monday 15th March, 2021, via the development team at renowned multi crypto faucet and microwallet FaucetPay. The notification is set to immediate effect...

You are recommended and requested not to use the deposits system and withdraw any crypto immediately.

Caught in a blink your eyes and you'll miss it email, a very brief email, it seems during the 14th March, 2021, a hacker or hackers has/have gained access to user wallet funds, FaucetPay stating approximately USD$600,000 has been stolen from accounts. 


It is not yet known the full scale of the hack and how much Cryptocurrency has been lost - it is also not yet known if Faucetpay.io is due to shut completely...

An updated announcement is forthcoming...

Updated... FP Twitter Account has evidence of a coin wallet trail... 


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