IFARM - I'm Not A Fan - Convince Me

By XTRM™ | Cryptopia | 3 May 2021

Guy and girls, maybe I will not make many friends with what I am about to type about Harvest Finance' IFARM Token... PublishOx finance people may be noticing a trend in this token and its stability since appearing on the content platform as a payment currency for tipping and earning - alongside the current tokens Ethereum and Ampleforth AMPL - what has been happening cannot have gone unnoticed - but will PublishOx remain with the faith they are showing in Harvest Finance.

Okay the Crypto world is full of risk... Not sure myself if risk should be coming into play at an earning platform. But maybe a lot can be blamed on my not withdrawing my earnings IFARM tokens, then exchanging them, as I have no use for IFARM, and pump a lot of my Cryptocurrency into much higher rewarding platforms... Given I am not an established user of Harvest Finance, services or spin-offs.


But the trend recently despite gains from other Altcoins, DeFi Tokens, ETH and Bitcoin - the trend from IFARM since becoming a payment currency on PublishOx has be one of a 38% decline in 30-days (April 2021 to May 2021) - And since we do have a minimum before withdrawal, and myself HODLing IFARM on PublishOx - a 38% decrease from around a third of my stashed income - that's quite a loss - the hope is that IFARM does catch the DeFi upward trend over the next month... Because if the trend continues downward, I honestly cannot see a point to paying members of PublishOx the IFARM Token... The hope is PublishOx agree here and I do not upset the big chiefs too much...


To be fair there has been slight movement up in IFARM value over recent days, but I am just not convinced... Maybe I am being impatient, unfair, resistant... I think removing Basic Attention Token was a huge mistake, and may have been made on the back of decisions to continue PublishOx growth at the time - but my honest opinion is that we have seen nothing from BAT yet, and it mooned more or less since being removed from PublishOx - Hindsight eh guys and grls?

Anyway I hope I didn't rock the boat too much... Just had to say it... 

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