FTX and SVB sat on a bench together.

FTX And SVB Collapses Are A Good Thing For Crypto - Here Is Why

By XTRM™ | Cryptopia | 13 Mar 2023

FTX And SVB Collapses Are A Good Thing For Crypto - Here Is Why...

Speculations within a finger-pointing crypto community are rife in respect to what has been a snowball effect caused by the collapse of crypto giant FTX... culminating apparently in the demise and death of Silver Valley Bank (SVB). But really does it matter whether the downfall of these crypto companies had a shitty investment program or dodgy CEO's and board members? And did we all forget about the Terra Luna collapse?

Silver Valley Bank collapse

Of course it matters when a cryptocurrency company goes belly up owing billions of dollars to customers, investors or any other innocent party - and the hope as always would be that all that are owed financially, are refunded in full... I just cannot help thinking though that all these bankruptcies, some with direct difficulties due to the economic crisis - are not such a bad thing looking forwards... 

YouTube favourite Richard Vobes recently dropped a vlog online in which he makes a point about fear - intimately, also eloquently narrated and explained - to which one could point out a similarity as to what I believe will be the endgame for all crypto nonsense once and for all... if you have a watch and listen to Richard Vobes - I shall explain further...

In essense we will eventually see karma take over... as explained very well in the video - to which those who cause the problems will eventually be caught up, and dealt with... and WILL be cast forever out of the picture.

What I also believe to be happening in the crypto community as a whole, is the weeding out of all the corruption and criminals - which have for too long been successfully  infiltrating what is an amazing and well situated for the future industry in cryptocurrency... 

These criminals will eventually disappear from cryptocurrency services and projects, leaving the good to prevail.

I do not doubt that scammers will always try to scam... but what is currently happening will make Cryptoland a much safer place for all of us in the future.

YouTube Source: Richard Vokes

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