eBay Protection Messed Up - Here Is Why - December 2020

eBay Protection Messed Up - Here Is Why - December 2020

By XTRM™ | Cryptopia | 17 Dec 2020

This would normally be an email consignment that is dropped in File-13 as some kind of eBay Scam or the like that fraudsters get up to involving eBay - However this mess up is Official from eBay dot com.

If you have an eBay account - just nip into the email address which is attached to your account and have a check for a recent email from the mentioned eBay. It may be dated around 16th December 2020 if you have not used your account for a while. 

In the image below is the issue:


I have notified eBay, however... I am not Daniel Ryan - yes the email is official... Image below:


Just a quick heads up just to let you know... Maybe eBay will come back at me saying something like 'Duh yeah of course this is not you' like the trolls they can be lolz. 

Always on the lookout for security issues. *wink*

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