Doctor Who: World's Apart NFT Cards & Bonuses - Available

By XTRM™ | Cryptopia | 17 Apr 2021

XTRM PR - (17th April, 2021) - NFT - World's Apart - The World's Apart team did it again, creating a unique set of collectable NFT's with stunning artwork and a beautifully crafted base of operations to tailor your NFT collection needs. This time it is the turn of the legendary Sci-fi character - Doctor Who. 

An absolute guarantee these cards will be to the taste and desire if Doctor Who fans globally - to ensure you get your Doctor Who NFT's into your collection, you are going to have to be swift. Packs are moving quickly. 


For a limited period you can buy Doctor Who: Worlds Apart digital card packs.

Each pack contains a random selection of beautifully hand drawn designs.
All cards are unique, limited edition collectible digital cards.

Click on the packs to see the rarity types and drop chances.



Unlike other free-to-play games, Doctor Who: Worlds Apart gives you complete ownership of your in-game items.


☉ Collect rare cards before they sell out

☉ Build your deck

☉ Trade them in the marketplace - opening soon

☉ Save your cards and use them to play in the upcoming trading card game launching 2021

Each card you collect will be tokenised into a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), secured and protected on the blockchain, which means there can be no copies or disputes about ownership.


You can actually own a piece of Doctor Who history. 

Each frame and character image is a limited edition series - only a finite number of frames and character images will ever be created. 

Once you are registered you can collect digital versions of your favourite Doctor Who characters for the very first time.

This must-have collection includes over 200 digital trading cards based on characters, scenes and objects drawn from the entire 57-year history of Doctor Who.

As with physical trading cards, some will be rarer than others, for example, the TARDIS will be rarer than the Silurian. You will be able to trade your cards in the marketplace launching early next year, giving you another opportunity to trade your favourite character with other collectors. 

Each card is secured and protected on the blockchain, which means there can be no copies or disputes about ownership and you will receive a certificate of each card on email after you have purchased a pack. 

Next year you will be able use your cards to go head-to-head with friends in turn-based contests in the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart card game, a free-to-play tactical card game.

See more, much more, get in early and sign up to start collecting via the following Official Doctor Who: World Apart promotional link.

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