Lockdown Ideas To Beat Boredom

By Rogerroger90 | whatsupbeaches | 21 Mar 2021

The world is going through a second, more serious, wave of COVID and so many people are being told to stay indoors and work from home.  Some parts of the world are even being put into complete lockdown again.  Lockdowns are tough, so I have put together a list of 5 lockdown ideas that you can do at home.  You can also check out my blog post Teaching English Online: How to Make Good Money if your income has been affected by the pandemic, or you simply want to earn some extra cash.

1. Get a VPN and never run out of shows to watch

A VPN creates a secure connection over the internet thus protecting your privacy.  This is a huge benefit for anyone working from home.  You can also use a VPN to connect your device to another country’s network.  This allows you to access streaming content that you could not view in your own country.  For example, your favourite show might not be available on Netflix in your home country, but if you connect your VPN to Germany or Australia, the show may be available to watch.  Okay, so its not such a unique lockdown idea.  But there’s nothing wrong with having a Netflix marathon on those tough days where you don’t feel like doing much.  You should never be stuck for something good to watch with access to content from multiple countries.

Ivacy VPN is one of the fastest and most reliable VPNs available.  All of their plans unblock BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Hulu and major Netflix Regions including US, FR, JP, UK, Aus, DE, and CA.  Ivacy VPN works on up to 10 devices and it also comes with access to the Kodi app.  They currently have a 90% off sale so click here to grab yours before it runs out!

2. Have a date night in or an activities night with the kids with Night In Boxes

Night In Boxes are the ultimate way to spend your evening with loved ones from the comfort of your own home. Each box contains a custom created, memorable experience, which is sent directly to your door once a month. The boxes include different activities, music, snacks, a recommended dinner menu and more. Each Date Night In box includes interactive activities with ambiance to bring couples together.  Themes range from the 1920s, the ’80s and ’90s, Dinner and Dancing, and a night in Paris. Kids Night In boxes include interactive activities, a custom book, music and a tasty treat to keep the kids occupied all evening! You can subscribe to Night In Boxes on a month-by-month basis, or you can purchase a set of boxes (up to 12 months) at a discounted price.

3. Tick off some epic movies with a Scratch Off Movie Poster

Related to the VPN Netflix marathons mentioned above, this poster lists 100 bucket list movies.  Your daily routine can involve an epic movie to watch each night at home!  Each poster contains 100 foil squares to scratch off – one for each movie.  You just take a coin to scratch away the foil on a square, revealing a movie masterpiece for you to enjoy. Get yours at the WhatsUpBeaches Shop here.

4. Get moving!

It is so important to try to exercise at least a few times a week during lockdown. If you’re working from home, it’s highly likely that your daily average step count will be down. Even something as simple as stretching can help your body, both physically and mentally. There are hundreds of free workouts, for all fitness levels, that you can follow on YouTube, so there is no excuse not to try! Exercising from home requires a comfortable space for you to work out, whilst also protecting the floor. Purchasing a yoga mat is an inexpensive way to do this. Unroll it, jump on and get moving, then roll it back up and put it away when you’re done! Check out the WhatsUpBeaches Shop eco-friendly TPE yoga mat here.

5. Learn something new or improve an existing skill

There’s no better time to focus on self improvement or learning a new skill, especially if you’re finding yourself spending more time at home.  Whether you want to perfect an existing skill or try something completely new, MasterClass will have the course for you.  MasterClass is a database of online courses, taught by industry experts across multiple categories.  From cooking with Gordon Ramsay, to learning skateboarding with Tony Hawk.  You can study film making with Martin Scorsese, conservation with Jane Goodall, acting with Natalie Portman, and pretty much anything else you could imagine!  The best part is that you can study all of this for just $15 per month.

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