Fun And Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

By Rogerroger90 | whatsupbeaches | 7 Feb 2021

1. 3D Printed Moon Lamp

I personally own one of these, and it is one of the coolest gifts I’ve ever received! CES Deals have some fantastic deals for a huge range of products across many departments. Click here to visit the website and type “3D Moon Light” into the search bar to find a range of size and colour options for the perfect Moon lamp to fit your needs.

2. Date Night In boxes



Date Night In boxes are monthly subscription boxes delivered straight to your door. Each date includes interactive activities with ambiance to bring couples together.  There are a range of themes, including the 1920s, the ’80s and ’90s, Dinner and Dancing, Something Magical, and a night in Paris. Click here to visit the website.

3. Stuck In Glass



Poker chips, golf tees, dice, .308 real bullets, and more, beautifully stuck into shot glasses, whiskey glasses, pint glasses, wine glasses, and tumblers, creating the perfect gift for anyone this Valentine’s Day. Click here to visit the website and browse the different options available.

4. Eco-Friendly TPE Yoga Mat

Perfect for at-home workouts during lockdown. Click here to buy one from the WhatsUpBeaches shop.

5. Theory11 Playing Cards



Not just your average playing cards. These are the world’s finest playing cards, featuring gold foil, embossing, and custom artwork by Theory11. Choose from Star Wars, James Bond, Hollywood Roosevelt, and many others. Click here to shop now.

6. Beef Jerky Subscription

For the meat lover in your life. Gourmet beef jerky delivered straight to your door each month. Click here to sign up now, and choose from 2 to 8 bags of craft jerky from a range of brands in a variety of flavours!

7. DIY Make Your Own Kits



Make your own hot sauce, kombucha, bbq sauce, soap, lip balm, body scrub, body lotion, wine, cheese, chocolate truffles, and more! Click here to visit the website.

8. Marshall Bluetooth Speaker

The iconic Marshall design and amazing sound quality all in one. Click here to browse the website.

9. Beard Grooming Kit

For just $35, grab the Jack Black (no connection to Tenacious D, sadly) beard grooming kit. Click here to buy yours from Sephora now.

10. Sackcloth & Ashes Blanket



My favourite blankets on the market with the added bonus that for every blanket bought, another blanket is donated to a homeless shelter. Click here to visit the website.

11. Insulated Wine Glass

You can grab yours now, at OverHalf Sale, along with many other cool and fun things across a range of departments and all at a discounted price, by clicking the link here and searching for “insulated wine Thermos”.

You can check out my latest travels on my Instagram page and blog posts and feel free to browse the WhatsUpBeaches store.

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