Easy Ways Anyone Can Earn Money Online

By Rogerroger90 | whatsupbeaches | 20 Mar 2021

You’ve probably seen dozens of posts claiming that you can easily earn money online, yet when you click on the post you realise that you need special qualifications or existing skills in order to get started. Here are five easy ways to earn money online – the first three of them requiring no previous skills at all, with the remaining two being achievable options for anyone who is willing to invest a little time. With lockdowns being reintroduced all over the world, there’s never been a better time to get your hands on some extra cash from the comfort of your own home.

1. Review and test websites

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Did you know that companies will pay you to test out their brand new websites? In return, you provide live feedback while using the website, which allows the developer to build the best product for their users. Earn $10 for every 20-minute test you complete, and even more for interviews on All you need is a laptop with a microphone and a reliable internet connection to get started. You will be paid via PayPal exactly 7 days after you complete each test.

2. Sell your unwanted clothes e.t.c.

Lockdown is a perfect time for a good clear out. You can list your unwanted clothes, shoes, and accessories on the Vinted app for people to buy. Just download the app, create a post, add photos, describe your listing, and set your price. Once you make a sale, package the product and send it on it’s way. There are zero selling fees, so what you earn is yours to keep. You’ll be paid as soon as the buyer confirms everything’s OK. Click here for a link to the Vinted – how it works page. You may even find something you want to purchase for yourself, too!

3. Read crypto articles to receive free crypto assets

This is possibly the easiest of the five ways to earn money online. You can literally give yourself free money! Publish0x is a crypto blogging platform, similar to Steemit or Medium, but you earn cryptocurrency by reading the articles. You can also write your own articles to receive crypto, too. To start, you don’t even need to buy crypto or deposit any money. You start earning by just registering then reading (or even scrolling to the bottom of) any article and using the tipper. Both you and the author get some BAT or DAI. As the tipper, you can choose the amount you earn, from 0% to 80% of the tip.  Tips are free, they are provided by the website. Click here to get started and register with Publish0x. To become a Publish0x Author you need to fill an application. Once approved, you’ll earn crypto from the readers’ tips.

4. Teach English online

Teaching online is a fantastic way to make money online. You can earn anything between $17-$23 (£13-£17) per hour, working on a schedule that you set, and you are free to quit at any time. Click here to read my detailed article about teaching English online, which thoroughly covers the requirements needed (or not needed in many cases!) to get started. You can earn a bit of side cash for a few hours a week, or perhaps even find a new career. At the very least, the work is extremely rewarding, which is a bonus on top of the very reasonable salary!

5. Affiliate marketing

Whether you are an existing affiliate, blogger, or website owner looking to tap into new sources of revenue, ShareASale is your solution. They match you with relevant retailer partners to promote, track commissions, and pay out your earnings on time each month. You can search from the database of brands to partner with, representing over 39 consumer categories. ShareASale provides you with custom affiliate links and tools to promote partners in easy and unique ways. Click here to join ShareASale now and start earning from affiliate links from thousands of partners and products.

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