Oddz Finance Raises $2.6M from Overwhelming Investor Support to build Multi-chain Derivatives Trading Platform

By DeFiTiger | Whats Oddz | 11 Mar 2021

Oddz Finance is merging traditional finance realms into the decentralized derivative landscape to drive massive adoption with a high degree of intuitiveness and ease of use. The fragmented link in the current DeFi landscape constitutes the lack of infrastructure and intuitive products to drive novice traders to the DeFi derivatives space. Oddz Finance envisions solving this. In the same attempt, it has attracted support from strategic investors. We are thrilled to announce that Oddz Finance has successfully closed the seed and private rounds totaling 2.6 Million with immense support from industry heavyweights. We believe that this incredible response will set a deep foundation for building a strong network with the early contributors to the future success of Oddz Finance.

Our funding rounds captured the attention of some of the industry leaders and gained participation from heavy hitters, including Woodstock Fund, AU21 Capital, GBV Capital, Krypital Group, X21, Amesten Capital, NGC Capital, EX Network, Altonomy, Lotus Capital, Lumen Capital, Maha DAO, DAO Ventures, Fire Protocol and others.

Seasoned investors and entrepreneurs, including Ravindra Kumar ( Frontier), Etiënne(TRGC), Sandeep Nailwal ( Polygon previously Matic Network), Tushar Aggarwal ( Persistence. One), Chandresh Aharwar ( Unilend Finance), and Aniket Jindal ( Biconomy), resonated with our idea of bringing innovative and intuitive derivative trading solutions to the decentralized financial landscape.

Backed by high-caliber industry players, Oddz Finance is all driven to outplay the DeFi market with full vigor and enthusiasm in order to disrupt the prevailing solution with a new wave of innovation.

Creating a financial revolution by merging the realms of traditional finance with DeFi

The genesis of Oddz Finance came into existence to reduce technological complexities for novice users and promote active participation from derivative traders in the decentralized landscape. As a decentralized protocol, apart from upkeeping the core-idea of decentralization, our vision is to adopt smart solutions to fuel massive adoption. Therefore, Oddz Finance has infused various unique functionalities in their interfaces, such as budget-friendly trades, customized option trades, and transparent premium discovery mechanisms.

The completion of our Seed and Private funding rounds is an essential milestone in our journey. As we transition to the next phase of successful public distribution of ODDZ amassing widespread adoption from the community leveraging the governance powers and consensus mechanism to the maximum potential, we are actively ramping up on the product front.

With the massive interest from the fantastic community and stakeholders of Oddz Finance, we are relentlessly working towards launching details of the Oddz Finance trading platform along with ODDZ public distribution. We will be releasing out details soon.

To fuel our outreach efforts, we will closely work with strategic partners to drive our ongoing efforts to make derivatives trading seamless for users in the DeFi ecosystem.

Aishwarya Shivakumar Haroshivanahalli, CEO at Oddz Finance said,

As a seasoned crypto investor and trader, I couldn’t come across a single platform that has the desired levels of transparency and sophistication. Our goal at Oddz is to build such a platform. As Mahatma Gandhi said, be the change you wish to see in this world.

Shreedhar Shreenivasa, CTO at Oddz Finance said,

Currently while the DeFi landscape is rapidly evolving and maturing, it does lack sophisticated tools for derivatives trading that appeal to novice and experienced traders alike. Oddz addresses this currently underserved need.

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Whats Oddz
Whats Oddz

Oddz finance is a Multi-Chain Options trading protocol, Which built on BSC, Polkadot & Ethereum. Key Features: Fraction trades, Transparent Premium Calculation, Customized Option Writers, Adequate Liquidity, Inbuilt Oddz oracle.

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