Why you dont mine some dogs?

Why you dont mine some dogs?

By QW | What shall we do with Bitcoin | 14 May 2020

This will be a short story. You know that I am looking for browser-based and anonymous miners. Today I found out a Dogecoin miner on https://www.doge.live - please use this my referral link :-) All you need for mining on https://www.doge.live is any Dogecoin address, I successfully used address from my Guarda wallet. It seems great. On my poor performance notebook, which is dedicated to testing unknown stuff, I can mine about 0,006 Doge per hour. But if I increase mining performance to 1 Doge per hour I obtain a special bonus 0,02 Doge per day. I have not tried any withdrawal because of I am writing this notice approximately half an hour after my first registration in the miner. The withdrawal is available from 30 Doge when I reach that, I am going to test the withdrawal and I´ll write about it.

20200519 update: I have mined my first Dogecoin, on my poor notebook. It lasted four days and nights so it means that I should collect a 30 head Doge pack necessary for withdrawal in three months. Now I am going to research how to increase mining speed. Compare with the economic output of Dogecoin miner the Cryptobrowser is still a better option. Stay tuned. ;-)

20200528 update: I have found that mining performance could not be increased by using more computers to multiplicate mining threads. So I stopped Dogecoin mining for any more. This article emerged as a foolish mistake. ;-(

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What shall we do with Bitcoin
What shall we do with Bitcoin

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