How you can help scientists fight the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and earn some FLDC doing it.

Stanford University houses a long standing distributed computing project known as [email protected]. Recently it has begun aiding scientists with the Coronavirus. The community outpooring has been significant. So significant, that their project servers are taking a beating. They are having trouble keeping up with the demand for work. However, don't let this deter you. They continue to ask people to add more resources because they are working on improving their backend while delivering the work they can. So, how does this translate into crypto? You can set up a user name that allows you to be rewarded with FLDC. I have a few videos below to help guide you through both installing the [email protected] client and setting up the Counterwallet that is necessary to claim the FLDC.



You are welcome to join us in our forums here if you want to chit chat or ask for support on the [email protected] client. 

You can also find more discussion on the science research here:

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What is Volunteer Computing and why do it?
What is Volunteer Computing and why do it?

Volunteer computing (VC) is the use of consumer digital devices, such as desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones, for high-throughput scientific computing. Device owners participate in VC by installing a program that downloads and executes jobs from servers operated by science projects. You can read a paper by one of the most known developers for volunteer computing platforms here. -

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