Earn BiblePay by supporting World Community Grid on your PC or Android device

For those that would like their computing resources to go towards something positive and useful rather than just generating heat, you may want to consider supporting humanitarian research through the World Community Grid. In the process, you can earn BiblePay rewards in the process. Here is how to get set up.

If you do not have an account at WCG you will want to create one here - WCG
This does not require you to join a different team like a few of the other crypto offerings do.
Make sure to go to your settings - and check the box to "display my data". This will allow your stats to be exported to 3rd parties.

After you have created the WCG account you will want to install the BOINC client. We have a couple How-to's based on what OS you have.

How to install BOINC on CENTOS 7 -
How to install BOINC on Windows and Ubuntu (go to post 11) -

I recommend downloading BOINC directly from Berkeley as to have the latest version -

Give BOINC and WCG a few days of processing work to establish and report a "RAC" (Recent Average Credit). 


Next, you will want to download and set up your BiblePay wallet.

1. Download and Install the Wallet:

2. Let the Wallet run until it is fully synced with the network (May take 10-20 minutes)

3. Get some BBP coins from a faucet or an exchange 


- SouthXchange Faucet:

- Graviex Faucet:

4. Send the coins to your wallet

a. Wallet >> File >> Receiving Addresses >> New >> Label: "Staking" >> Ok

b. Right click "Staking" address >> Click Copy Address

c. Send your coins to your address

5. Once you have the coins in your wallet, you will need to create a Christian Public Key (CPK).

a. BiblePay Wallet >>> Tools >>> Debug Console >>> Type in command and press enter

   exec cpk BBP_NICKNAME

Wait 3 block confirmations (about 20-30 minutes)

b. Login into World Community Grid:

c. Get Verification Code >>> Top right "Settings" >> Left tab "My Profile" >>> Scroll to bottom

d. Run associate command to link your World Community Grid Account

e. If Wallet is Locked, Unlock it >>> Settings >>> Unlock (Remember to Lock it back up afterwards)

    BiblePay Wallet >>> Tools >>> Debug Console >>> Type in command and press enter


Wait 3 block confirmations (about 20-30 minutes)

f. Check your RAC (Recent Average Credit), these are the credits you get for solving tasks

   exec rac

g. In BiblePay Wallet check the "Leaderboard" tab to see if your BBP_NICKNAME is in the list


If you have any questions about BOINC or WCG, feel free to contact my DC team in our forums here

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