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By CoolKash | What is FreeCash? | 3 Apr 2022



Have you heard of AcornsAcorns is an investment platform, whereby you can start with $5.  You have the opportunity to choose what type of portfolio is best for you (e.g. sustainable (ESG) portfolio).  There is a personal and family account, which have slightly different features but mostly the same. 


When you invest, Acorns financial team selects the stocks or equities that will go into your portfolio, and they will manage it for you.  With the ability to make small deposits, this is a win for those with smaller budgets.  Managing such accounts, in larger firms, requires bigger deposits per month. Now, acorns has made it possible for clients to choose a custom portfolio, which enables the client to choose specific stocks or securities.


Upon signing up, you will automatically receive $5 invested into your portfolio, when you sign up through any links on this page.  Basically, all you need to do is sign up, put in a few details and initiate a small deposit ($5). 


Then, you will need to choose which type of portfolio desired and a percentage (allocation) of possibly stocks and bonds.  Many of you have earnings of more than $5 in tips.  Make your tips work more for you--invest through Acorns.  You can also add to the account for someone else or your child.


With Acorns, you now can invest in a Digital Currency ETF.  With a Bitcoin ETF, you can reap some of the rewards of being invested in Bitcoin without buying or holding the currency.  Join Acorns!  When they become a larger firm, they too might raise the bar on the initial deposits!  


*All investments carry risk: Please do your own due diligence!
*This page contains affiliate links, which may pay a commission if you sign on through such links.


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What is FreeCash?
What is FreeCash?

FreeCash is a platform whereby individuals can create an online account and earn from surveys, playing games, completing tasks, watching videos, etc., etc. The site is legit, and I have tested it before writing on the subject. I have earned and withdrawn from my online account with FreeCash. For every 1,000 coins, this is the equivalent of $1. Get extra bonuses for earning at least 1,000 coins each day!

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