How Could You Choose That, Jennifer Pann?

Are you familiar with the case of Jennifer Pann? If not, then you must really watch the documentary yourself. So, this is another article once again about a documentary. Please be used to it since I really wanted to share to everyone the interesting documentaries that I have watched and also to recommend it to everyone as well. So, this is the story of this another documentary.

A girl is a daughter of an Asian couple. Her mother and father were both Vietnamese and they are strict and conservative. She is not academically competitive, but she is talented. Her parents put up too high expectations to her and her brother. She was injured and it made her stop what she’s doing. She needs to focus more academically than in extra curricular activities. It made her pressured and stressed since she can’t really do well in that field. It made her lie to her parents about her grades and showed different report cards with A+ grades, when in reality she’s in the average of C.

As years go by, she tricked her parents. She told them that she will study medicine in a place where she has to live alone with her friend. And her parents decided to say a yes on it. She usually updates her parents about what is going on her school. But one night, her parents called her friend she mentioned that she is living with and it slipped that they are not really living together. The girl, who was named Jennifer, is really not studying but rather living her boyfriend. And her parents caught her little scheme and told her to go home. She was given two choices. Whether she lives with her boyfriend and her family will disown her, or she will come back home and continue to study but she should leave her boyfriend.

She chose her family and came home. But, things became messy. The choice she made is not really what she wanted. She planned something unbelievable. Her mother was killed and her father got a brain hemorrhage. This is what she planned. She opened the door for the intruders that she is expecting one night. They played an act where the intruders will only get the money, but they really planned killing Jennifer’s parents and get the all the money. This is what Jennifer has chosen. This is her solution.

During the investigation, she seems hurt and sad for her mother’s death and father’s injury but in reality, she is the one behind it. At first, she tried to act as if she knows nothing about the incident and tried to act like just a witness for what happened. But, her behavior and reactions told the opposite. Even her cry was an act. How could a daughter plan this kind of cold-blooded crime?



Thank you so much for spending your time reading my article. Please do try watching the documentary so you could understand this article more. Have a blast!

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