What Is Pi Network? Is It Worth Your Time?

By XMANITY | What is Cointiply? | 24 Feb 2022

Pi Network is like Bitcoin when it first released, worth nothing and minable. Pi Network is in it's second stage out of three stages. It is really easy to mine you just need to sign up and press one button every few hours and earn free crypto! Pi Network is worth 0.01 to 0.02 dollars is the prediction right know. Right now I have about 200 Pi Network coins but if you go for a few months you can have over 1000 which we all know what happened to bitcoin after. So I have a pretty good feeling about this.


 If you want to sign up here is the link: https://node.minepi.com/node


If you wanna Follow me on YouTube that would amazing : https://www.youtube.com/c/XMANTHEBOT


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What is Cointiply?
What is Cointiply?

What is Cointiply? Well it's very simple it is a crypto game site were you play games and earn coins to get free crypto such as Bitcoin, Lite coin, Doge Coin, and many more. You can also do surveys for coins and sometimes they don't work. There is also this thing called the multiplier which basically gambles your coins for reward. I recommend you don't gamble a lot at once. To join click this link: http://www.cointiply.com/r/GN4dg Thank you for listening and tell me how I did, this is my first time ;)

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