Why Invest in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies?


Understand why you want to invest by taking a step back from the hype of cryptocurrencies. It might sound really lucrative when you hear it from influential people. These markets are really volatile and you should be really sure that you are ok with not touching your money for some time.  Be ready to be in it for the long run.

     My Theory

When I invest in the crypto market, I look for 3 things in particular : 

  1. Use case of the currency: That means what is the problem that is solved by using that cryptocurrency. It should be something which has long term use and is most likely to happen in future.
  2. The community: I also try to gauge the team working on the crypto. Their website and whitepaper is a great place to start. Understanding their ongoing projects gives a great amount of understanding about the uses and future of the currency.
  3. Patience: Last but not the least, I look for something which can give me great returns even if their value goes up slowly. It is not an overnight thing but I tell myself that I have to be patient with the process. Sometimes these currencies are not hyped like others as they have understood the real marketing is doing projects using their blockchain.   

    Crypto is inevitable change:

Since the beginning of trading, we as a collective society have used many systems including barter or today’s monetary system. We have always come to these system after so many iterations or wrong systems. This is almost just taking our current monetary system and making it even better. So sooner or later we will go to cryptocurrencies as an everyday system . Especially after seeing the past year or so of lockdowns and remote working, people are able to move around and work from wherever they are. So their money should be able to do so too without any fees generated from banks, systems. 


     Secure and Decentralised

Last but not the least. There is a narrative in mainstream media that Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are not secure. Well you should know where to take your news from. This is purposefully done to make people trade emotionally in a market. We might think that we are doing the right thing by selling off whatever we have if the market drops a bit. But in reality that’s what they want us to do. Cryptocurrencies work with a chain of networks continuously working on mining, transaction and keeping track of the transaction. Unlike other financial institutions which can shut down anytime, it is almost impossible for any hacker or hacking group to target a large network of computers with a secure algorithm protecting them from attacks. 

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Crypto Clarity
Crypto Clarity

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Basics of blockchain and Why invest in it?
Basics of blockchain and Why invest in it?

What is blockchain? Why should you invest? This blog covers answers to most basic question someone starting out in this space asks. Comment your thoughts and also let me know what else would you like covered.

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