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The animals which we keep in our homes and adopt them like as a family. They are pets like as dog, cat, parrot, rabbit, cow, fish, hen etc. Nowadays people also adopt tigers and snakes. People has different interests and curiosity to adopt pets. Different people loves different kinds of pets. Pets are our friends who loves and cares us so much. Like as dog guards our home and protect our homes for forever. Pets are loyal and helpful. Some pets are trained they know the feeling of human beings. They obey the orders and work.

If we are alone in a home and we feel very much bored as well as we fell that we can’t live alone. When our friends and sometimes our families are also not with us. In that time we can get a new friend who loves and cares us so much in our life. Our pets are like as our family members we care them so much. Some people make the building and property in the name of their pets too. Some people can’t sleep without their pets

Pets are so much kind and gentle. They show the truth and suggest us to live like becoming good as them. Pets are playing so much in their places. Some play in the garden where as some play in the rooms. Pets also love and care babies so much. Small babies can laugh and play with the pets. Small babies can become a good friend with pet. Many people adopts pets in the modern time. Pets helps to maintain a good class of a family.

Pets comes with us and follow us for forever. They don’t want to leave us. As well as they want to go far away from us. When we are going in a office they left us for a office. When we return from office they welcome us. They have very much good culture. They can play swimming, run or do anything which they have. They have also different kinds of talents in them. We can’t live without our pets. Sometimes in a program we participate with our pets and they wins the game and makes us happy.

Pets are not only animals but they are more than animals. Pets cries when we cry as well as they become happier when we become happy. They always have patience and faith in them. They can wait for their masters for a years when someone is departed from them. Pets are worshipped as well as regarded as an animal of a God. As well as form of God. Pets can teach us many things about our life. Pets are our best friends to whom we can share our everything.

So, by knowing the values of the pets we should always love our pets. We shouldn’t leave them in a far away by hating it. We shouldn’t punish them when some mistakes occurs. We should know their feeling also. What are their interests and what they loves in their life. We should tried to be together for forever with our pets. We should take out our valuable time for our pet to love, care as well as to enjoy with them.









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Binod 49
Binod 49

Bio Binod Dawadi, the author of The Power of Words, is a master's degree holder in Major English. He has worked on more than 1000 anthologies published in various renowned magazines. His vision is to change society through knowledge.

What Is Art ?
What Is Art ?

Art is a process of writing, reading, painting or doing anything. That anyone has some are talent in speaking some are talent in painting. For everyone God has given some creative ideas and knowledge. Some learn by reading and writing. Everyone is different and their mind is different too. There are different kinds of arts which are inside of them. Some gets chance to explore the arts as well as get chance to create name and fame where as some doesn't get any chances. Artists can know about the art.

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