The Meta What, The Meta Who; Enter the Metaverse: UPLAND a New Way to Build Wealth.

The Metaverse is extremely popular right now. If you are in the cryptocurrency space, you have heard or seen this term.  Outside looking in the Metaverse can remind you of the once (kind of) popular game “The SIMS”. The SIMS would allow you to buy land, build property, have a family, etc. The only problem, in this game you had no real ownership. In contrast, the Metaverse is really about ownership in the form of land, property, and creativity. The Metaverse has allowed players to earn while they play. The correct term is Play2Earn or P2E for short. As the name suggest you sign up for the platform buy land, property or rare NFTs and can sale those assets for profits. Although there are plenty of platforms for the Metaverse, one that I am bullish on to transform this space is called Upland.

What is Upland

Upland is all about the economy and utilizes the P2E concept. Upland reminds me of Monopoly where you can buy land and then property but make real money and not worry about someone cheating by cornering all the railroads. Upland’s biggest difference is the platform utilizes real addresses and property, you can see the street view of the property you own, its mind blowing. So as soon as you get in the game, Upland gives you some UPX to buy your first property, you must pick the land in which you want your first purchase. UPX is the token you must use on upload to purchase assets.

UPX is not a traded digital asset, so you will not be able to purchase on centralized exchange or CEX (ie: Coinbase) or decentralize exchange or DEX (ie: Uniswap), but it is on the blockchain in which Upland uses. Upland keeps your assets locked in the EOS blockchain, utilizing your email and password you signed up with, no one can access it not even Upland. Therefore, anything sold or bought you receive UPX as a reward. But another innovating thing with Upland is that you can exchange UPX for Fiat or Us Dollars (dollar dollar bills!!). This is a major difference from their competitors, in most Metaverse applications you must go on CEX or DEX to exchange for different tokens or Fiat money

Welcome to Upland

In Upland you start with a block explorer, which is like a game piece that you customize, and you buy your first property based on your location and market value. Right now, there are limited locations, but soon more states or locations will be opened. Another amazing thing about this metaverse platform is that they give you enough funds to cover your first land, possibly two depending on where you choose to start building assets.

Under the “Fair Start Act” or FSA, you can purchase land to get started, in most metaverse platforms no capital means no land, and Upland provides you with FREE MONEY TO START. To break this down 5 bucks is about 5,000 UPX (check my math in the app, under "Get UPX" it breaks it down). You might be thinking that is not a lot of money so why bother. I would say building your asset portfolio takes some work and time. But this project could rocket and getting in early while you are able to purchase assets can make a big difference. Don’t believe me investigate how much the metaverse alone has made, Google it. So how can you make money and what are the limitations?

How to Make Money

As stated, multiple times, Upland at the heart is a P2E platform, therefore besides community and playing the game, you are there to make cash money, so how do you do that. First you must buy your land and get your net worth up to 10,000 UPX, this earns you “Uplander” status and allows you to utilize "Spark" for building NFTs like structures and trade property on secondary markets. In the beginning, it may seem difficult to purchase more assets or increase your net worth, but below are some strategies to gain UPX, which can also be switch for Fiat.

Strategies for Making Money

Buying Properties

First, you get your property, and now you can earn up to 14.7% annual percentage year, collected every three hours within Upland for UPX rewards. Obviously earning more properties means more money to collect. You can also set visitors fee for visitors at your property. Once acquiring, Uplander status you can build on your properties like structures, galleries, etc. Besides owning the property and collecting the APY, you can buy properties in early developed cities for a low price or from FSA buyers to sale for a profit, before or either when the market increases (Buy, hold and sale).

Referral Program and Activity

You can refer people to join Upland by utilizing multiple social media outlets, informing your friends about upland. One of the best ways to get people involved in something they may not understand is by educating them. So have a good pitch, such as do you want to diversify your portfolio by joining the metaverse or make real money in a game. In addition, you would want to explain the potential growth value for Upland and that you own real assets even though it’s virtual. Also, explain blockchain technology. Furthermore, just by logging in for seven days consecutively, you can earn Spark.

My Referral Code (No pressure): If you use this link, Upland will award you with a bonus for your first purchase

Selling Properties

Selling is a strategy within itself. Just like in real housing markets, one needs to know the market they are in. A few ways to capitalize on selling and understanding a competitive price is by doing your research (#DYOR). For example, you can check properties where your blockers are located and compare values. Using your block explorer you can quickly see assets around or go to the land you bought and see neighboring properties.

Another thing that can be done is to examine the Marketplace Analytics. The Marketplace Analytics give information about secondary market trades, unminted (not bought) properties, minted (bought) properties for sale and you can select specific categories. You can join Upland twitter group, telegram, and discord, to join all three simply follow Upland on twitter and under bio section pick all the groups. For extra credit there is also a reddit group. Within these groups you can post your property for sell or pitch, within the community it is called “Shilling”. Or find new properties to buy and flip.

Collections, Challenges and Treasure Hunts

Within Upland there is a section called collections, which rewards Uplanders for buying multiple properties for a one time earn bonus and boosted earnings. The collection has different rarities such as standard, limited, exclusive, rare, and ultra-rare.  The rarer, the more money to make. Treasure hunts are a way to earn UPX and Spark (must be Uplander status), you search with your block explorer and find hidden treasure for a prize. Challenges are also another way to make money within the game. Specific requirements must be met to earn badges, UPX or SPARK, not to mention if you are creative, you could make your own NFT structures or designs and then sell them in your store.

NFLPA Legits

NFLPA legits is an exciting concept for collecting, trading, and earning money. NFL players are in the metaverse through Upland. When you utilize your block explorer to search for home stadiums or away games you can mint rare NFTs that showcase player performance from their game. You can literally follow your favorite NFL player. Also, you can get these NFTs signed by the NFL player either at the stadium or at their homes virtually. When doing so you add value. There is more information regarding legits, so take your time to understand.


As the name suggests, you are going to need to figure out ways to make money and become your own business. Being creative and learning how you can grow your net worth is important just like in real life or IRL. There are plenty of ways to make money. One is collecting land, property and other assets within the game and selling for profits. Another way is to build properties on land, like a store, in which you can sell your property and other people's property (You down with OPP), you gain a percentage for selling their products. This essentially is what wholesaling is in IRL.

Another is becoming a leveraging "Metacompany" (is that a word? ehh), such as renting out your properties for events, lending money in exchange for other assets or trading. Although Upland is early in how it is expanding its economy within the game, there are some limitations that can prevent rapid growth in order to maintain fairness, please check out the tutorial to learn these limitations and how to navigate. Also having a property to sell assets, will accrued venture dues.


Upland is an interesting metaverse application with real world strategy to P2E. The potential to make passive income and increase your return on investment is speculative but possible depending on your strategies that you utilize. But literally you can make money several ways and be your own entrepreneur in a space I believe right now is undervalued. I do believe that Upland will increase when more locations are available, and more assets can be obtained. Hopefully this gave you some insight on how to utilize this application to your advantage, most importantly to have fun and make money. Please make sure to do all your research to understand the everything regarding Upland, the links provided should give you overview of Upland. All The Best, #UplandWealthBuilding.

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Web 3.0, Connecting To All Things Crypto
Web 3.0, Connecting To All Things Crypto

The invention of cryptocurrency has allowed new innovations such as decentralized app (dapps), Defi, smart contracts, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), staking, exchanges, liquidity pools and more. So what does all this mean, and what is Web 3.0? To understand this one must understand the evolution of Web 3.0. In the beginning was Web 1.0 the invention, information could be shared. Web 2.0 the social age, think Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. Web 3.0 can be described in one word ownership or connect.

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