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What Happens To L1 Tokens Today? (17 Aug 2022, Tuesday)

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All news about Layer 1 tokens curated here is filtered and taken from CryptoPanic, a crypto news aggregator platform.

Current Price: $ 24,033 (24h Changes: -0.13 %)
Current Market Cap: $ 459,482,655,004 (24h Changes: -0.06 %)

Positive News:

1. Kraken CEO hopes to buy a Bugatti for 1 Bitcoin by year-end

2. Former Goldman Sachs banker explains why Wall Street gets Bitcoin wrong

3. Fed issues guidelines for crypto banks to enter the central banking system

Negative News:

1. Bitcoin miner PrimeBlock ditches SPAC listing plan

2. Celsius Lost Over $100 Million In Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Trade: Financial Times Report

3. Researchers discover critical Bitcoin Lightning Network vulnerability

Current Price: $ 1,898.01 (24h Changes: 0.76 %)
Current Market Cap: $ 228,042,810,700 (24h Changes: 0.83 %)

Bullish News

1. Ethereum Classic (ETC) Total Value Locked Doubles Ahead of Ethereum (ETH) Merge

2. Coinbase Will Freeze ETH Deposits And Withdrawals Temporarily During Ethereum’s Merge — And Here’s Why

3. How The Ethereum Merge Is Boosting ETH Market Dominance

4. Compound Labs Deploys Smart Contracts for USDC Market on Ethereum

Bearish News

1. ETHPoW team says its miner-led Ethereum fork is ‘inevitable’

2. $ETH: The “Merge” Protocol Upgrade Will Not Lower Ethereum’s Gas Fees

3. Ethereum Investors Close 300k Long Positions on Bitfinex, Rally To Stop Soon?

4. Derivatives data hint Ethereum rally may abruptly end in a ‘sell-the-news’ event

5. USDC Issuer Circle Joins Chainlink in Only Supporting Proof-of-Stake Ethereum After the Merge

6. EthereumPOW Developers Reportedly Disable Difficulty Bomb as Merge Date Draws Closer

7. EthereumPoW to Remove EIP1559

Current Price: $ 318.42 (24h Changes: 0.17 %)
Current Market Cap: $ 51,978,497,104 (24h Changes: 0.39 %)

Bullish News

1. CZ: "The industry is flooding with top talent."

Bearish News

1. Breaking: U.S. SEC Launches Investigation Against Binance Coin (BNB)

2.DeFi protocol Qubit Finance exploited for $80 million in a recent hack

3. Another Rugpull Appears on BNB Chain, 2660 BNB Stolen

4. Binance comes out swinging as report links it to money laundering

Current Price: $ 0.58 (24h Changes: 3.91 %)
Current Market Cap: $ 19,583,898,508 (24h Changes: 4.1 %)

Bullish News

1. $ADA: IOG and NMKR Join Forces To ‘Drive Widespread Adoption of NFTs on Cardano’

2. Crypto Analytics Firm Says Cardano ‘Is Seeing Its Most Positive Sentiment Since April’

Bearish News 

1. dcSpark CTO Explains Why Cardano Is ‘One of the Worst Blockchains for Storing Data’

2. Cardano users said to be indirectly affected by Nomad’s US$200 mln exploit

3. Tech Billionaire Mark Cuban Touts Dogecoin, Saying It Boasts More Potential Applications Than Cardano

Current Price: $ 0.39 (24h Changes: 4.93 %)
Current Market Cap: $ 19,246,426,484 (24h Changes: 4.7 %)

Bullish News

1. XRP Classified as "Digital Currency" by Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo and HSBC: Report

2. Here Is How XRP Took up 60% of Total Volume on One of Largest Latin American Crypto Exchanges

3. Ripple Opens Its First Office in Canada

4. Ripple To Hire 50 Engineers For Its New Crypto Hub In Canada

Bearish News

1. XRP In Bearish Mode As Ripple Unlatches 1 Billion Tokens From 2 Wallets

2. Ripple Will Lose Court Battle Against SEC, Anti-Crypto US Congressman Says

3. Ripple Co-Founder Jed McCaleb Made $3 Billion Through $XRP Sales, Estimates Suggest

Current Price: $ 44.0 (24h Changes: 1.0 %)
Current Market Cap: $ 15,361,821,585 (24h Changes: 1.46 %)

Bullish News

1. Jump Crypto to Build New Solana (SOL) Validator

2. Kevin O’Leary Reveals New Addition to Altcoin Portfolio Amid ‘Huge’ Allocations in Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon

3. Solana looks to beat network outages with new open source validator client

Bearish News

1. SOL Drops as Thousands of Wallets Attacked on Solana, Millions in USD Stolen

2. Slope wallet provider saved user seed phrases in plain text, Solana security researchers find

Current Price: $ 5.37 (24h Changes: 0.01 %)
Current Market Cap: $ 4,119,127,500 (24h Changes: 0.01 %)

Bullish News

1. Over 5 million $NEAR stake on LiNEAR now!

Bearish News

1. NEAR Protocol discloses breach of email and SMS data tied to user wallets

2. Decentral Bank pauses use of NEAR tokens for minting USN stablecoin


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What Happens To Crypto Today?
What Happens To Crypto Today?

"What happens to crypto today?" is a crypto news curator that curates high-quality and insightful crypto news daily for you.

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