Learning Python update #4 - the break to have a baby!

By Jamkir | what_better_time_than_now | 10 May 2022

Sometimes Life Happens!


Welcoming my second child into the world meant that I couldn't get as much coding time as I would have hoped for.  She arrived into the world in a straightforward way, but we then had a difficult couple of weeks whilst she underwent heart surgery. Dividing my time between caring for my son, and visiting my wife and daughter in hospital, has meant my programming has taken a slower progress, and certainly telling the world about it was the least of my priorities!

But that being said, it was not a completely inactive period.  I completed the programming course and made another game!

Bat'n Ball

The nature of the game is a simple bat and ball scenario, whereby the aim is to keep the ball bouncing as long as possible.  The project builds upon the knowledge learned in the minesweeper game and adds the challenges of moving game pieces (the bat and the ball).  I had a lot of 'ah-hah!' moments writing this fun programme. It was a rewarding achievement to play the final version of the game:


Although looking fairly basic, it has provided a good understanding of various Python language concepts.  I decided to modify the code and by adding loops that increased the speed and difficulty:



What's next?

Good question, I'm fairly happy with what I've written so far. Once life gets back to whatever normal will be, I'll be looking to do some tweaking of the crypto headline generator.  

I also plan on building a bot that tracks my crypto portfolio, this will be a bigger project and very much still in the planning phases.


Apologies for the short update, I can hear the baby calling!

Take it easy people :)

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