This is my personal interpretation of the Bitcoin symbol, expressed through my favorite medium: ballpoint pen on paper.

Crypto Symbol Series Pt. 1: Bitcoin

By Wharved | WHARVED-visual | 11 Jan 2020

Hey guys! I'm an outsider artist with no common sense, and I figured that I could provide some of my skill to this beautiful new blogosphere! I've doodled for the past 20+ years, and I've worked it into a unique method, as you can see from the cover image and full image below.

My idea is to draw the symbols for major cryptocurrencies and embellish them in my own way. This one turned out all right for a first draft, no?

Bitcoin obviously had to come first, since it's the mac daddy of all cryptos.

Like it? I hope you can get some enjoyment out of it. 

My next installment will likely be Ethereum. *nods*

Cheers, all!


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I am a poet and outsider artist based in the US. I am quite detail-oriented when it comes to English grammar.


This blog consists of my freehand/stream-of-consciousness drawings.

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