Nowadays, the Video sharing website spread over the globe whether centralized or decentralized Platforms. I want to talk about the first social network video sharing website blockchain-based. What is it? and why?


Lbry Tv is a free Videos sharing website blockchain-based and network payment platform Founded in 2015, it is a primarily social network on blockchain. LBC is the crypto credit that empowers the system. Jeremy Kauffman the, the brave man CEO founder did not give up then LBRY has been kept way to go furthermore.

The content creators record their video files, pictures, and more work to LBRY TV blockchain technology and start to earn  #LBC credit. You can log in on  #LBRY whether Odysee is the same system to grab the  #LBC credit by a daily watch improvement, View master Level(10views per day),  Coveted Creator( Get a following), Invites people, Custom code. Both Content creators and Watchers Earn LBC Credit without Exception on LBRY TV.

I joined LBRY TV in August 2020, a month before I joined Torum social media. I enjoyed watching videos and upload my video files FOR FREE on LBRY tv even though there has been a lot of bug around the platform at that time. I start to make little LBC earnings by watching videos every day.



LBC credit has been listed on Bittrex Global Exchange on January 21th, 2021 with the value of 0.07 against United States Dollars. Currently, LBC credit is around 0.20, an All-Time low of 0.18, All-Time high of 0.22 past 24 hours. Market cap 121Million. LBC credit looks rising 6% last 24 hours according to the result on Tradingview by Bittrex Global Exchange. LBC keeps rank  #258 on ConGecko.



LBC credit is a withdrawable Coin from LBRY tv to Bittrex Global Exchange. I withdrew my first 190LBC credit to Bittrex, to exchange it in BTC, 200LBC is required. You can receive 0.25-100 per day by watching content on LBRY/ODYSEE tv. 



 My profit is growing slowly day by day as LBC credit grows steadily, and surely on Crypto exchange. Without upgrade, the earning is always possible on LBRY/ODYSEE. The Crypto enthusiasts said that LBRY is a YouTube Killer. I know that if I continue to interact on LBRY/ODYSEE every day, my earnings increases to help me to support my family.


Remember: "You Could Be Better Than You Think You Could Be"

What do you think of LBC credit?



 Lbry.Tv official link:$/invite/@JOBKANDRAGASTAM:3

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Fety Bernard Etienne(fetinafety)
Fety Bernard Etienne(fetinafety)

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