AAVE's exciting 10 day Round-Up

AAVE's exciting 10 day Round-Up


March 16th
- AAVE protocol launches AMM liquidity pool to enable liquidity providers on UNISWAP and Balancer to use their LP tokens as collateral on AAVE. See list of both UNISWAP tokens + Balancer tokens here.

March 17th - Protocol in Numbers: Total flash loans volume reaches $3,819,545,959, 30D flash loan volume reaches $260,988,596, deposit volume reaches $36,390,188,374 among some of the released stats.

March 17th - Tyler Winklevoss, of the Gemini exchange, submits a proposal to implement GUSD as a collateral option on the AAVE protocol. It is already a supported asset on AAVE.

March 18th - Enzyme Vault managers grant access to AAVE depositing thereby integrating the DeFi asset. This will allow portfolio managers on the platform to farm yields with AAVE.

March 22nd - Statelayer announces that he has become part of the AAVE team and is ready to assist teams/organizations/individuals with advice on proposals. 

March 23rd - With ~60% of AAVE's liquidity on v2, the community moves to discuss disabling stable rates on v1 to speed up the transition of users to v2.

March 24th - Sponsorship of The Block Crunch weekly podcast, along side prestigious Crypto.com.

March 26th - AAVE Ecosystem Grants recipient launches a personal betting platform which allows bets to accrue interest as they happen.
March 26th - AAVE holders granted access to delegate voting power to blockchainatucla.eth.


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