Introducing MYTHIC NFTs through the DATA LAB

Introducing MYTHIC NFTs through the DATA LAB


With the release of our new "Data Lab", RugZombie users now have the option to insta-purchase certain selected NFTs.   

Someone has been leaking information from the lab, and listing them for purchase down below. We’re not sure who, but we suspect the interns are trying to scrape together some cash for their new uniforms we have required.   

About Mythic Level  

For a review of our RARITY system, you can always see this post.  

While our common, uncommon, rare, and legendary NFTs do not have a technical max supply (depending on the number of stakers in the pool, there is a no technical limit to how many may be minted) the MYTHIC NFTs will all be introduced with a max supply in mind.   

For MYTHICs, the key factor is the supply limit. We understand that certain common, uncommon and even rare NFTs may have even less of an actual supply when all is said and done, however, this is due to the number of users/adoption of our project. So for those of you who hold NFTs with less circulating supply than even our MYTHIC NFTs, good job being early :-)  

As our platform grows, this limited supply will make more sense. When our platform began, we issued certain NFTS (Chompers for instance) that only received 180 mints because of the small number of platform users.   

However, technically speaking, chompers has an unlimited supply, unlike MYTHIC NFTs.   

We will attempt to strike the delicate balance of limited supply vs. price in our MYTHIC releases. For now, you can enjoy our first MYTHIC NFT that will probably be the lowest priced and therefore most desirable MYTHIC NFT yet.   


The CATACOMBS NFT will have 550 available for mint at a flat sale price of .10 BNB. The art was completed by @xxxvniii. It is truly amazing.  

Not every MYTHIC NFT will have the same standard of purchase; some may have rising price floors as we acquire more users. Some may have reduced supply, but the key distinguishing factor is that there is a max supply of the NFT that can never be changed.   

Rising price floors may become more common as we attract more users. This is intentional as it theoretically raises the barrier to entry thus creating a scarcity surrounding the pieces. For good ZMBE holder who are currently reading this, as our project appreciates in overall value, w don’t suspect this will be a problem for you!   

We have not attempted this model yet (rising price floor) but assure our Zombie Horde that it will be an overall positive for the community! For those who have been around since launch and shortly after, staking and holding their precious ZMBE, we are keeping you in mind!   

For now, please enjoy the release of our CATACOMBS MYTHIC NFT. All 550 pieces will be mintable 1 per wallet and a flat price of .10 BNB.   

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RugZombie Official

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