EarthFi Spawning Pool Coming

It’s time for another Spawning Pool! We are glad to introduce EarthFi into the RugZombie Spawning Pool community!

What is EarthFi

EarthFi is a charity fundraising aggregator that will make it so charities can tap into NFTs and DeFi. This will make it so charities can raise money through selling NFTs on the EarthFi marketplace. EarthFi’s token ($EAFI) is also set up to generate even more money for charity with its reflection tokenomics;

$EAFI has a tax for both buying and selling the token. $EAFI discourages token holders from selling in the first 48 hours by putting in a 20% tax. After 48 hours the tax goes down to 12%. Token buyers will also have a 7% tax. Of the taxed amount,

  • 3% goes to operations for buyers and 12% goes to operations for sellers.
  • 3% goes to development for buyers and 5% goes to development for sellers.
  • 1% goes to liquidity for buyers and 3% goes to liquidity for sellers.

“Operations” will go to charity donations, marketing, and app development. “Development” will go towards making an NFT marketplace, various NFTs, and App development. And “liquidity” will go towards decentralized exchanges to provide liquidity for buying and selling.

The NFT and EarthFi Pool

Stake $ZMBE in our EarthFi Spawning Pool and you can earn this NFT after 45 days and it will be considered a LEGENDARY NFT in its ranking status.

The EarthFi pool will be active for 90 days and then the NFT minting will shut off. You will only have a chance to mint up to 2 NFTs in total, as the NFT timer is set to 45 days, and after the pool completes, the NFTs will shut off. This means you must be in the pool for at least half the time to receive the NFT because the timer will expire. Just as GRAVES have withdrawal timers, our SPAWNING POOLS have similar mechanisms to encourage long term staking.

Harvesting $EAFI will not impact NFT staking in any way. If you want to learn more about EarthFi check out their site here.

New to $ZMBE? What is a Spawning Pool?

If you are joining us from the EarthFi squad, welcome! Let us introduce you to the “spawning pool” concept. Feel free to also ask questions in the RugZombie telegram group.

Spawning Pools are staking pools where a user deposits 5000 $ZMBE tokens, and will receive a yield in the partner token. In this case, the yield will be in $EAFI. The pool has a predetermined amount of $EAFI available to earn, and that pool is shared among the participants.

In addition to earning this yield, users will earn an NFT if they keep their $ZMBE staked for the duration of their timer. Once a user enters the pool, their timer begins and will count down for 45 days, after which, one may “mint” the NFT and it will display a “NFT Ready” tag. The pool will only last for 90 days, so there is a small chance a user can mint 2 of these NFTs.

Because these pools have a minimum stake requirement, a user either needs to keep the minimum stake (5000 $ZMBE) or, withdraw completely from the pool. Of course, you are welcome to place more than the minimum stake in the pool as it will increase your allocation of the reward token.

We have many other types of pools on our platform, feel free to ask around telegram for help, but please check our documentation first, as most questions are already answered there.

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