Bingus Network Spawning Pool


What is Bingus Network?  

$BINGUS is a charity memecoin dedicated to helping animal shelters around the world. Every time this token is bought or sold a tax is taken from the seller (and a smaller one from the buyer) to fund animal shelters. The founder of the token, Mike Cerisano has set up a company in New York and is responsible for the charitable donations. When the tax is put through, part of the coin is sold for BUSD and that is what's given to the charity. Other parts of the tax are used for marketing and liquidity to help grow the Bingus Network.  

Bingus Network is also focused on building software for animal shelters. Software that helps track the animals that come in and out of these shelters is expensive. Bingus's end goal is to save these shelters money.     


Why Bingus Network?  

The main reason to purchase $BINGUS is for charitable reasons and because their stellar team! Saving animals and preventing cruelty is no laughing matter, these folks are poised to really do a lot of good in the protection and treatment of wildlife.  Not only will a portion of the tokens be donated when you buy or sell it but you can also stake it and have a portion of the funds go to charity.     

The NFT and the Bingus Spawning Pool

Stake your $ZMBE on the Bingus Spawning Pool and feel good about collecting these tokens! All the deposit fees routed to the treasury from this pool will go to a donation that will matched by the Bingus Network team and our incredible partners at Apeswap!  

@Jussjoshinduh made an NFT commemorating the donation of RugZombie, Bingus and ApeSwap to the African Wildlife Foundation. Doesn't it warm your Zombie heart? We have added a little mystery to the pool, and we will reveal the NFT AFTER the pool opens. How sinister of us!  Stake $ZMBE in our Bingus spawn pool and you can earn this NFT after 45 days and it will be considered LEGENDARY NFT in it’s ranking status.   

The Bingus pool will be active for 45 days and then the NFT minting will shut off. You will only have 45 to mint the NFT after that the timer will shut off. This means you must be in the pool for at least half the time to receive the NFT because the timer will expire. Just as GRAVES have withdrawal timers our SPAWNING POOLS have similar mechanisms to encourage long term staking.  

Harvesting $BINGUS will not impact the NFT staking in any way. If you want to learn more about $BINGUS tokenomics check out their site here. Zombies have come to save the animals…maybe they are human after all!

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