Top new features I'd like to see in Publish0x in 2020
Top new features I'd like to see in Publish0x in 2020

By DimitarM | Welcome to my life | 15 Feb 2020

Hello guys,

lately I've been spending a lot of time on Publish0x. Currently, I think this is the 2nd to only Facebook website I use.There is a lot of stuff to learn here, most of them first hand from people who actually tried them. One other reason is the fact is that here I can express myself and give value to others. Yes, I can do that on on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter too, but the fact is that here most of the community shares interests similar to my own. So when I post here, chances are that 300-400 people will be able to see my post and get something from it. At the same time, when I post on social networks I might get noticed by 5-6 people and probably have no clue what the hell I am talking about.

So, as any other website Publish0x is not perfect. In fact, far from it. I have few ideas how the website experience can be improved by adding new features which to me seems natural to have for such a portal, but for some reason are missing. I am sure the team is constantly working to improve the platform, but those are my ideas of stuff to add so people can enjoy even more.

1) Currently we have limit of 6 tips a day. Why not having an option, after those are exhausted to be able to tip from the balances we have in our accounts. Select the currency and tip the amount we want to another author.

2) As of last week the Publish0x team started experimenting with the "New" posts section of the website. Currently, some articles are getting "Featured" for certain amount of time. And even if let's say my posts is 1 second old, it won't appear on the top of "New", because there is another post that is being sitting at this place for the past 1 hour. The team, explained last week in Telegram that they are trying new stuff and this is not really "featuring" some posts. My idea is to have "Featured" post section where people can put their posts by "paying" with small amount of tokens from their balance. And, please leave the "New" section alone - this is the ONE place where most people are lurking and should stay the same as it was until last week.

3) Authors to be able to see list of their followers in Dashboard.

4) More statistics on each post for the authors - such as log of the tips you receive, where did you get your views from(e.g. from New, Popular, Google search Engine, Google News, etc).

5) Adding a Poll option in the "create new post section".

6) Some kind of incentive for people to actually read the posts instead of just opening a post and just tip and leave. Perhaps a timer that counts the same amount of time which we see "2 minute read", before you can tip.

7) Option for user's to add their Telegram link and/or contact email to their accounts. I was thinking over if a DM feature would be good but this could very easy to be used for spam and other bad practices so I think it is out of the question.

8) Tipping other people's comments, not only posts. This with trigger the people to engage in more discussions. 

9) Perhaps Android/iOS app is not such a bad idea.

10) Create a Tutorials section. Let's say someone creates a Tutorial for doing something and uses certain hashtag and those posts to be placed in separate category where they will be easy to find. Because currently it is very hard to find exactly what you need via the existing search engine. Especially if this is not something posted recently.

11) Most subscribed authors on Publish0x section would be amazing. It will help the users to find more quality content.

12) Upgraded author accounts that have bigger daily post limit. And option for the staff to revoke them if this start to be used as a spam tool.

13) Tipping multiple articles from the same author a day. Why not? What If I like 3 articles from the same guy on the same day, why shouldn't able to pay my respect by tipping all of them? 

Those are just my ideas. If you guys have some, I'd love to hear them in the comments bellow.

Have a great weekend, everybody.


I really enjoy Publish0x!

Welcome to my life
Welcome to my life

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