My top 3 Crypto passive earning investments of April 2021

By DimitarM | Welcome to my life | 18 Apr 2021

If you are HODLing crypto in your wallets long-term it's not a bad idea to have it accumulating interest. At least that's what I am doing. There are plenty of projects that offer such services. I am not here to discuss which one is best and which one is bad and in what way. I'll list here my picks for my portfolio. 

1) BTC and USDT staking on

I consider Blockchain the most secure web wallet and they have an Interest account with very good rates for several different cryptos. For me, a person cannot go wrong with choosing them.



I chose USDT and Bitcoin as I am not holding significant amounts of any of the other coins. But this would be a good place for the Ether and the XLM.

2) ADA staking on Binance in Locked deposit for 15 days.

I wrote a whole article about it yesterday - you can check it here. They literally offer 22% APR.

3) USDT lending on Kucoin.

I've been lending USDT on Kucoin for the past month on so on amazingly high rates between 35 and 60% APR. I wrote an article about it some time ago.

It explains how the lending works and I see no better thing to do with coins that are stored on Kucoin anyway.


I created a Linktree where I collect my important referral links. If you guys are interested please have a look:


Happy investing.




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Welcome to my life
Welcome to my life

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