How to become a lord in Scotland?

By DimitarM | Welcome to my life | 2 May 2021

Did you know, guys, that if you own land in Scotland you can hold the title of Lord. Of course, it's just a technicality in Scottish law, but it's still cool.

There is a company that is selling an sq ft of land and giving you the certificate of you being a Scotting lord. The price is $50.

You can also choose to get 5 or 10 sq ft at a discounted prices of $160 or $300. 

  • A dedicated plot of land measuring 1 square foot, 5 square feet, or 10 square feet.
  • A personalized title certificate with your name or the name of the title holder.
  • A unique plot number that will be assigned to the title holder.
  • Your digital certificate will be emailed to you within 24 hours.
  • A tree will be planted for every order.
  • A digital personalised members handbook.

Additionally, for $30 a paper certificate can be ordered if you want to hang it on your wall.


It is funny, how people find new and original ways to make money online. I am curious how many people went and bought a package from them.

They are offering 3 different services:


They are even politically correct and offer gay couples the option to get two - Lordships or 2 Ladyships.


The price for a "Couple title pack" is even discounted by 10%.

The name of the company in question is "Established Titles".


I have seen their Facebook advertisements before. However, now I am very curious what of my online activity triggered FB to show me this particular advertisement.

Other than that I can say that their website is made simple and yet looks legit. 

Another point that contributes to my opinion that this is a legit service is the fact that except for regular credit card payments they are accepting also PayPal and Amazon Pay. This makes it very easy to get refunded if you are unhappy with the service you received.

Since PayPal can be used with cryptocurrency at this point this makes possibly purchasing Lordship with Crypto.

I like the idea of giving my business card which says "Lord Dimitar M."

Here, in the FAQ section, you can find more information about how this works. It's important to remember that there is no land tax that you will own as a Lord. :)



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Welcome to my life
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