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By DimitarM | Welcome to my life | 18 Apr 2021

I've been heating my room for the past few winters with my PC and two AMD RX 580 cards mining inside it. The central heating is totally shut off. I can say that this was pretty great - I save from the heating bill, and in the meantime, I generate some Bitcoin/ETH and pay the electricity bill(way less than the heating bill). And I always kept a small window in the room open to have fresh air and close it in case I want to warm up the room even more.

The concept of a Blockchain-based heater is not new to me, but the only issue I have with this is the sound from the PC - it could bother many people. So yesterday I saw a Facebook advertisement for a company that produces products that deal with this.


And I am very curious how they solved the issue with the sound, before investing in one of those machines. Unfortunately, they are not talking about what kind of equipment is inside their heaters. They are speaking only that with 450W power consumption they can mine about 2.5 ETH per year which is a huge profit, but I'm unsure how realistic it is. As per my calculation that could be done with about 120 Mhs Eth mining speed - an RTX 3090.

This is the full datasheet with information for their devices. It seems that there is only a waiting list and no option to buy yet. From the website, I understand they support different algorithms so it can mine Bitcoin, Eth, Litecoin, Doge, Raven, Monero, and others. This is helpful since in near future we can expect Eth 2.0 to arrive and make Ethereum mining obsolete.

I am interested to obtain one of those heaters - probably before the next winter as now it's already too late for that :) Nothing to heat during the summer.

What about you, would you choose a crypto miner to heat your home?

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Welcome to my life
Welcome to my life

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