Coinmarketcap's Earning campaigns

By DimitarM | Welcome to my life | 21 Apr 2021

Hey guys, 

this is more of a question than an article. Have anyone of you guys tried the crypto earning campaigns from Coinmarketcap website? It is available under -> Learn -> Earn:


I have tried it several times in the past few months on several crypto coins, however, received a reward only once - 1 Helium coin was distributed to my Binance account. All the other times I have completed the steps and then the quiz I have never heard or received anything from CoinmarketCap.

Have anyone else tested and have different impressions than me?

For whoever is hearing about this for the first time they need to have CoinmarketCap registration and Binance registration. The steps then are to watch several informative videos up to 2-3 minutes each of them and answer between 5 and 10 questions at the end.

After that, you are supposed to receive an e-mail and some coins directly to your Binance account. I got those only once out of 5-6 completions of the quiz.

Happy learning.


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Welcome to my life
Welcome to my life

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