Weekly Tech News #3

By Namkeza | Weekly Tech News | 9 Jul 2022

Welcome to the new update on Weekly Tech News lets go into it and see what is going on in the tech world

Only iPhone 14 Pro Models will get A16 chipset

There were a lot of rumors lately that only iPhone 14 Pro models will get the new all fast A16 chipset because apple is expecting more iPhone 14 Pro sales than from the normal models. All the other models will use the standard A15 processor.

Cyber Bulling in Japan

Japan has introduced a new law for cyber bulling and if you get caught or reported to the authorities for it you can get up to 1 year of jail or 2150 Euro fine. The law was introduced after two guys bullied a girl online just before her death and the people of japan were really mad and asking for a change in the law.

My opinion: The law is a really good thing and a lot of European countries should implement it too. The level of cyber bullying is really high and specially in gaming.

Official UK Army Twitter Account getting hacked ?

The twitter account of UK army was hacked few days ago. Hackers changed the account name few times and posted photos of Elon Musk with NFT Giveaways.


This week i don’t have a lot of time because I am really busy and have some health problems, those are some of the news I personally find interesting if you liked it leave a tip and let me know your opinion on the law in Japan.

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Weekly Tech News
Weekly Tech News

So in this blog I will be informing you on some major weekly tech updates and changes that happen all over the world. So if you like and you are into tech feel free to read it.

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