+20 Most Upvoted Web3 Projects on Product Hunt

By 3dwaffle | Web3 Stories | 2 Mar 2022

The Web is not a new thing anymore. It is old and bold enough. It is not a place where few people hangout together. 

But Web3 is something new. And understanding these new technologies might give you some advantages along the way. 

Even if you are not in the tech field. As an internet user, knowing where all the web is going makes you a better user. 

For instance if you have an elegant music taste, you can understand the classic music better. It is also the same on the web. Know better, use better. 

Product Hunt is a place where new digital products are hunted by tech geeks. If you learn this website with this article, I highly recommend you to visit it a few times a week. 

This list includes the most liked web3 products by Product Hunt users. 

Mars Genesis

Mars Genesis Landing Page

A blockchain-based card game where you can buy land on Mars and build a city. Buy, sell, and trade your cards with other users. Use these cards to build a stronger city by upgrading each building to its max level. Once all buildings have reached their maximum levels and your empire is strong, you will be crowned Emperor and become the richest person on Mars. 

Blockchain Demo


Blockchain Demo is a simple and easy to understand demonstration of blockchain technology. This project is to visualize the way that Bitcoin blockchain works. 

Blockchain is getting a lot of attention these days from the media, politicians, big companies, etc... It is unanimously considered to be one of the disruptive technologies of the decade. 

But what exactly is it? How does it work? Why is it so special? Is it just hype or there’s actual substance? And what about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum: are they just pure speculation or do they have long term potential? 

What will happen next? How can you take advantage of this technology and make money with it? This website might help you to understand it all. 



Cryptominded is a well-organized and frequently updated curated list of useful websites, services, articles, and resources for anyone interested in cryptocurrencies. It is an elaborate tool that helps you navigate the cryptocurrency ecosystem and its most active communities. 

Cryptominded  strives to bridge the gap between finance professionals and the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency industry to better serve crypto-focused businesses everywhere. 

It offers a wide range of valuable tools and resources, including bookkeeping software built for companies holding trading accounts, and a bi-weekly newsletter made specifically for accountants. 



Thirdweb is the best place to create your own tokens and marketplaces.Whether you are building a buy-sell marketplace, loyalty program or a custom token, our smart contract creator provides the flexibility to build exactly what you want on Ethereum and any other blockchain.

Magic Link


Magic lets you securely sign in to your website without having to type in your password or remember it. Get started with our developer site and learn how adding just a few lines of code allows your users to log in with their phone number. It is built to scale, can have nearly any feature added onto it and the onboarding process for the end user is simple, server-less and reliable.

Arcane Maps


Arcane Maps is a community-powered world map and navigation tool that enables its users to search, discover and share information about places from around the world in a totally private way. The Arcane Maps app gives you access to maps, navigation and traffic info. With this app you will find places near you such as restaurants, pubs, sites or museums and go there while saving tours or places of interest on lists.



Whether you’re just getting started in web3 or looking to improve your knowledge and get a better understanding of the latest trends, you should visit here

Cryptocurrency Jobs


Cryptocurrency Jobs is the place to find your next opportunity in the cryptocurrency industry. In our current job market, blockchain jobs can be found scattered all over the internet making it hard to find that perfect job. Cryptocurrency Jobs makes things easy by consolidating these opportunities into one centralized database so that you don't have to spend hours and hours every day looking for employment. 



As an independent developer, you want to spend your time creating great experiences for your users. But with so many NFT infrastructure options out there, it can be hard to figure out how to integrate cryptocurrency into the apps and games you create.



Are you looking for a way to monetize your content, or build a community? Unlock is an open-source protocol for creators and developers to create locks that allow you to lock content. Users can purchase memberships as NFT keys that grant access to content tickets and anything else you'd like to monetize. Unlock is a community owned and governed platform. Here is a live example of a website that uses it: Spacebar Counter

Buy Me A Crypto Coffee


BuyMeACryptoCoffee is a website that lets creators thank their fans and supporters. Creators can now receive support from their fans, followers, and subscribers by simply sharing their wallet address. And anyone who appreciates the content a creator produces and wants to thank them in return can do so by sending a little bit of cryptocurrency to show their gratitude. Built on the principle of giving to our creators and doing away with cumbersome middlemen and exorbitant fees, It makes it super simple for creators to accept tips and donations without having to create an account and get thousands of signatures from their fans.



Tell.ie is a community-centered website builder for creators. Tell.ie (pronounced "tell-ee") is the first community-centered website builder for artists and writers on Ethereum and Polygon by artists and writers. Create beautiful websites for your stories, poems, music, private keys, or whatever. All sites are automatically tokenized so you can earn money as people read or listen to your work—you're in control of how much to charge, when to unlock gates, even what gas costs.



Open your door to the world of NFTs with the sleek Dropspace NFT Collection platform. This platform is built to sell and mint collections for both creators and collectors, and packed with features such as an NFT community, drop alerts, iGrill capability, and convenient side tables for placing collections on auction. 



If you believe in bitcoin, or just want to earn some extra cash, earning bitcoin with Lolli is a great place to start. Lolli partners with top brands to give you up to 30% back in bitcoin when you shop at your favorite stores.



cb74bfff83b1f20d21c77a8e32847c2f54eb5bb01ca46e056a0c033da49b3046.pngScorum is the first decentralized sports media ecosystem where users are rewarded for their contributions to the network. It is an ecosystem where everyone can make money from sports: bloggers, tipsters, fans and leagues. Scorum’s mission is to bring freedom of speech and equal rights to authorship to the world of sports blogging via blockchain technology.



Thresholds is a modern tool that enables you to easily build and deploy DeFi products. With Thresholds, you can focus on building your product without worrying about managing code. Now that this code has been removed from the mix, it allows you to go from idea to production in a matter of days or weeks.



PayString is the blockchain-based universal payment identifier that allows you to send and receive money effortlessly. The unique and innovative identifier works just like a web address and can be used in any app, on any platform, and on any device. PayString is built with the Ripple X SDK, which means it can connect to both public and private networks seamlessly using Interledger protocols.

Nifty Pixels


Nifty Pixels is a social network and marketplace for blockchain-based pixel art. We use the Polygon blockchain instead of Ethereum, which means cheaper gas fees, faster transactions, and no need to run a full Ethereum node. 

All metadata associated with your artwork lives on Arweave which means if you ever stop using Nifty Pixels, your metadata will never be lost or changed.

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