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The advent of blockchain has led to the creation of different decentralized applications and protocols used in our daily lives, especially in finance. Blockchain as a decentralized ledger enables the storing of transactions between two parties without the need for a centralized system that cannot be disrupted or manipulated by anyone. With the help of blockchain technology, different sectors have evolved into decentralization such as the finance and banking sector in which users can singlehandedly control their funds in a non-custodian wallet and transact with other parties without the need of a middleman or a centralized system. While there are many decentralized applications in the finance sector to enhance efficient and effective control of funds by the owner, there is a need to expand the uses of blockchain in other sectors like healthcare which is an essential part of human life.


MEDPING is a decentralized healthcare ecosystem that leverages blockchain technology to redefine the global healthcare system. The covid-19 pandemic has revealed the weakness in the healthcare system and the need for it. The ecosystem focuses on solving some of the problems facing the healthcare system such as,
   Data breach  
   Poor supply and distribution of healthcare workforce
   High cost of medical care and access to healthcare services

The medping ecosystem is built in a way to solve the issues and problems facing the healthcare system to enhance each other to have access to effective healthcare services around the world. Here, I will be discussing some of the core aspects of the meeting and how it can reshape the healthcare system.


Powered by the $PING token the native token of the meeting ecosystem, each user can control their medical data and share it with healthcare providers. Medswap will enable patients, doctors, and other healthcare providers to share data quickly and safely. Medswap as a multi-chain wallet with one user and one mnemonic seed phrase will enable patients to be in control of their medical data and also breach the time consuming among medical professionals to share data.

Like every other e-commerce platform, medshop will power domestic and cross-border medical shopping by the use of the $PING token to remove any form of a middleman. Medshop a core part of the medping ecosystem will leverage blockchain technology to connect the manufacturer, producer, and distributors of healthcare facilities directed to the consumer. Users anywhere around the world can purchase healthcare facilities with the $PING token which will break the barriers of poor healthcare systems in a specific region by creating a platform directly for users to consume healthcare services and facilities directly.

Effective medical data management will facilitate an effective healthcare system and services to healthcare seekers. Medlink is an open-source protocol with an encrypted data management system that provides patients, healthcare workers, public hospitals, and private clinics with health data storage functionality. Healthcare professionals can record and document a patient’s clinical session directly into the patient’s health records folder, creating an easier way for other physicians and health providers to interact with the patients.

With the outcome of the covid-19 pandemic, creating a hindrance in the physical interaction between healthcare providers and even healthcare seekers, I do not doubt that there will be a need for a system through which healthcare providers can interact together and share medical data, patient’s folder, etc. without physically interacting with each other. The possible way to achieve this to promote an effective healthcare system is through a decentralized healthcare system that leverages the blockchain technology “MEDPING”



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Web3 ecosystem
Web3 ecosystem

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