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By merryslamb | Web Crypto | 9 Sep 2019


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Through the years in the internet world, we have seen the great evolution of Bloggers and web owners, how they have gone from having this activity as a hobby to the point of leaving their jobs and devote themselves to it as a real job.

It is an arduous and difficult job like any other, between getting subscribers, having good content and, most importantly, being able to keep up with what the page earns. But how do the blocks and web pages generate profits? Well, there are several ways to take advantage of that kitchen or technology block that you spend so much time with. And is that through advertising and a certain amount of purchases within the page are paid to the authors. Everything depends on the sponsor and his way of working.

Many Bloggers try to obtain profits and plagiarize their pages of hundreds of announcements, and the only thing that they obtain is to frighten its readers. That is why today we are going to present a great tool that will allow you to grow as a Blogger on any platform.



• Hashrate: Unit of measure that is used in the Bitcoin processing network, that is, measures the power.

• Paywalls: is responsible for limiting access to certain websites for users who do not pay any kind of subscription.

• Hashpower: number of attempts that the entire network manages to complete in a given period.

• Webmaster: is the person in charge of designing and building the web.

• Webapp: is a tool that runs in the browser and is based on the HTML, JavaScrip or CSS language.

• IEO: sale of tokens very similar to ICO, but which allow investors to finance the project safely.


What is Gath3r?

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It is nothing more than a project that is intended for bloggers and content creators on the Internet to have greater profits by monetizing through mining in their browsers. In this way, GATH3R gives the opportunity to other blockchain projects to use the Bitcoin processing power that GATH3R uses.

GATH3R will improve the end-user experience in the internet pages that decide to use this great tool since it will be a partnership between the end-user, the creator of content and smaller projects within the blockchain as it improves the security of these.



• You can mine from your browser.

• It is cheaper than mining with specialized equipment.

• It's fast and simple.

• Safe and Reliable.



Its main objective is mining from the browser, where the computer resources of visitors to the blog or website selected for the crypto will be used, where the architects of the website can easily integrate the source of income by copying and pasting a code.

In this way, we seek to make the life of the content creator a bit easier, by reaching the point where he discards the possibility of ads on his pages.




• Fused Mining: strengthens new projects with GATH3R hash power technology, integrating the exploration of two assets with similar algorithms at the same time.

• Real Profits: although you can obtain profits from the traditional tools that bloggers use, they are not significant enough as the gains you can get with GATH3R.

• Visitor income: the income will be determined by the number of visitors on your website but not by the number of ads that could be displayed on the page.

• Sustainability: mutual growth between GATH3R and you.

• Loyalty: one of the qualities most sought in blogs is the loyalty that may have the public with the Blogger.



• Masternodes and Nodes Lite

They oversee doing the data processing work and keeping the network working in optimal conditions by using the least amount of resources with the help of the lite nodes to deal with the most specific processes. In this way, these two types of nodes are integrated with each other to create a better operation until reaching the final user.

• Loyalty program

In agreement with the publisher, a loyalty program is created where the architect of the blog or webmaster can configure his page so that his users receive a certain percentage of profit from what they extract.

GATH3R breaks profit standards for writers, bloggers and web owners

Use Gath3r on websites of all sizes

One of the great qualities that GATH3R has is that it can be used on large or small websites, due to the nodes it uses (optimizes the process). the information without the browser suffering a problem with respect to performance.


Goodbye to annoying ads

The use of advertisements has become indispensable for the survival of web authors, creating in this way one of the most popular monetizations on the internet. One of the things that bother readers most is precisely the ads since for many they are intrusive and are considered a latent threat.

For this reason, GATH3R invites you to discard this retrograde way of achieving profits. A cleaner and more effective method are to mine and monetize the content. This way you get a WIN-WIN effect in your work as Blogger or content creator. In addition to that, you will have more users on your page when granting them a percentage of gain for their fidelity.

Evolution of Monetization

It is important that visitors are the ones who choose whether they want to participate once the GATH3R modality is starting on the web. This is how we see that the evolution of monetization is influencing little by little since you can choose a GPU or CPU depending on the power you have. Indifferently, either of the two cases will not affect the user's experience negatively.

Do not forget that you can mine two coins simultaneously with a similar algorithm.


Case of use

Case 1: Blogger


Peyton has a blog of technological trends, where once a week upload new content of a specific brand or software in general. That is why it has a modest number of followers and some subscribers, considering itself a small Blogger.

When he played a very commercial topic, but with a lot of competition on the web in a period of one year he only got a sponsor, so his motivation was not very good. After meeting GATH3R and copying and pasting a script, Peyton saw how his monetization numbers changed favorably, without needing so much bureaucracy with the sponsors.

This is how Peyton is currently writing on his blog, and in addition to that, he is getting more visitors and subscribers every day.


Case 2: App


Rob is an app developer and so that his applications are available for free he must place many ads in it so that it can be sustainable. This has brought as a result that many of its users have complained about a large number of ads, which is why Rob looked for a better alternative and found GATH3R that allows you to get the same monetization as before, but without so many ads or in their eliminating them in their entirety.



The best of all GATH3R is that practically he is the one who does a great job. You as a content editor continue to devote yourself to exploit your creativity and add a couple of steps to your daily routine on your blog. Steps that are necessary for you to see the great growth on your page.

In other words, we are in a new era where those annoying banners and pop-up advertisements will go down in history and mining will be behind the scenes all the work with the authorization of bloggers. And your followers and subscribers will thank you immensely that they also get a profit for the loyalty they offer you.

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