Animus Art Festival on TORUM: WRITERS WANTED!

Animus Art Festival on TORUM kicks off Nov 23—WRITERS WANTED, Cash Prizes to be won!

The Animus Art Festival on TORUM is back with a bang! Writers, Photographers, Musicians, as well as graphic and visual Artists are invited to apply to participate until November 20, 2022. There are no entry fees. Visit: to learn more.

The focus of the biannual event is to help Artists of all digital media find a way to promote their art, get discovered and launch their careers. It all begins with participation and engagement, as gaining exposure and building a fan base are the most important steps an Artist can take to garner recognition for their work. Of course, talent and dedication to one’s craft are hugely important, but it makes little difference to one’s practical concerns and quality of life, if no one appreciates one’s work. Artists often struggle with the aspect of promotion. As such, it is our mission to relieve them of this burden, allowing them to concentrate on honing their skills and applying them to the sacred process of creation. We will shine a spotlight upon our Artists and thereby, facilitate a fecund connection between upcoming talent and clients, investors and collectors.
Big prizes to be won

The Festival will span 3 weeks and straddle five overlapping events:
Art Blitz: Free-style, open to any Artist submitting any artwork;

SNAPSHOT: Free-style, Photography contest;

Lander Swag: Graphic artists competing in Torum-related merchandise design;

Writing Contest: Wordsmiths will let their brilliant flash fiction shine;

Themed Art Contest: A crown-jewel event, open to all artists. The participants will be tasked with creating a custom art piece, which will include specific elements and/or ideas.

In each event, the top 10 finalists will be selected by the panel of 3 Judges. The Chief Judge will pick the top 3 places and the Community will vote on places 4-10.

All events

The top 5 places will receive cash prizes, while places 6-10 will receive Torum Gifts, no less than a Diamond Hands.

Patrons of the Arts:
Blessed Satoshi HODLers Club

Team Torum


Community Sponsors:
@fbllisi @journeyman23 @qinjinfo @gneric @jordanvinu @starbiker @ipornopanda @arcequesea @nekodiego @tigerius
#WeARETorum! #AAFoT

Event Community Sponsors

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Tigerius von TORUM
Tigerius von TORUM

Writer. Reader. Thinker. Organiser and patron of the Animus Art Festival on TORUM, #AAFoT.

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