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Starting at 115 dollars, target at 1115 dollars

Here is the starting point

Hello everyone, Today I would like to introduce you to the crypto adventure I participated in. based on my own research I created a portfolio for myself with a budget of 115 dollars.I will hold these coins, which I think have a high potential, for 1 year. But the coins I will post here are definitely not investment advice, they are completely my own ideas. I will share our progress week by week, month by month on this blog. Our goal is $ 1115 but maybe we can achieve more than 10x. Moreover, you can also find extra information from bellow links..

The coins I bought are as follows:

  • Hellium(HNT)

Price: $16.60

Amount:3.65406 HNT

Total investment in HNT :$60.88

For extra information:


  • Trust Wallet Token(TWT)


Amount:46.52636 TWT

Total investment in TWT:$43.09

For extra information:

  • Litentry(LIT)


Amount:1.87812 LIT

Total investment in LIT:$14.14


For extra information:


Disclaimer:The information provided on this Blog does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice

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I'm an undergraduate Student at Abdullah Gül University.I live in Turkey.I am 21 years old. And I love Read and research about cyrpto.

Wealth road 115$ to 1115$
Wealth road 115$ to 1115$

My crypto adventure, which I started with $ 115, targeted $ 1115

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